What is Dedicated Hosting? Definition, Types & Comparison

While you are planning to create a website of any size, there are many things you have to consider. Apart from niche selection, domain registration, and design, you have to also consider various elements of Webhosting.

So, without proper planning and research, you may choose the wrong hosting and be unable to utilize the provided resources efficiently. Nowadays, you will find various options in web hosting that are specially designed to target different users. Dedicated WordPress hosting is one of them, that has its own specialty and advantages.

One of the major advantages of Dedicated WordPress hosting is the ability to handle high traffic volumes easily. This type of Webhosting is so reliable and efficient that it is considered one of the most secure web hosting options.

So, in this post, you will get in-depth about Dedicated Web hosting and all it has to offer. We also do a complete comparison with other popular web hosting options available in the market and see where they stand.

Let us begin!!

What is Dedicated Hosting?

In simple words, Dedicated WordPress hosting is a type of Web hosting plan, that provides a dedicated server for your website. Due to a dedicated server allocation, all the resources will not be shared with any other website unlike in Shared and VPS types of hosting.

Dedicated WordPress hosting is quite popular among Enterprises, eCommerce websites, and Personal brand websites. It is because of the advantages this web hosting plan possesses, that no other web hosting plan can match. The level of security, reliability, robustness, and flexibility are some of its best features that no one likes to compromise on.

Types of Dedicated WordPress hosting

Before getting deeper into Dedicated WordPress hosting, first, you need to know the different options or types of Dedicated WordPress hosting you have.

Unmanaged Dedicated hosting

With this type of dedicated hosting, you will have all the controls and access to your server. You can configure and customize as per your website requirements. You will have complete control over How your website is hosted. But you also need to have a bit of technical knowledge on How to manage servers and it also requires a lot of time of yours.

Fully Managed Dedicated hosting

With this type of Dedicated hosting plan, everything will be well managed by your web hosting provider. However, you will still have some control over server customization and make your own choices. Since it is Managed service, you do not need to worry about server vital tasks, such as website monitoring, taking backups, malware scanning, optimization, and many more. This type of plan is quite popular and provides peace of mind so that you can only focus on your business growth rather than handling the website’s general tasks.

The majority of web hosts are not offering Managed WordPress hosting services, in which WPOven is one of the best WordPress hosting service providers that offer Fully Managed Dedicated WordPress hosting at very simple rates.

Unlike other managed web host companies, WPOven even offers full support when it comes to resolving WordPress errors so that you get assured that there is a team of highly qualified experts available to help you around the clock.

On the other hand, maybe you are not required to have either of these two dedicated WordPress hosting options. The choice is solely based on the purpose and the budget of an individual and is usually opted for by people who require more power, security, and controllability.

However, if you want to enjoy some benefits of dedicated hosting in a very cost-effective way, then go for VPS hosting instead. Unlike shared hosting, you will have your own resources and do not have to share them with any other website.

When should you consider Dedicated WordPress hosting?

Apart from all the pros and cons of dedicated WordPress hosting, there are a few cases where it can be the right option for you.

1. For high-traffic websites

Dedicated hosting can be a panacea for websites whose monthly average traffic is always high or sometimes show a sudden spike. Because a dedicated server has the potential for such spikes and avoids downtimes. For example, on an eCommerce website, the traffic can get high during sales, which can suddenly overburden the server. In this case, hosting an ecommerce website on a dedicated server would be the best option.

2. For sensitive websites

For websites that handle sensitive information or data and require the best security features that provide overall security from attacks, dedicated hosting can be the best option. For example, organizations and government websites are most suitable to be hosted on dedicated servers.

3. For Fast websites

If your priority is the speed of a website with zero downtime a dedicated server might be the perfect fit for you. There are many websites such as eCommerce, online streaming platforms, etc. that rely on the fastest server in order to deliver a better user experience.

On top of that, you can imagine how important website speed is, that Even, Google gives preference to the fastest websites in their SERPs.

4. If you are a developer

If you would like to have complete control over your server, do customizations, configure the server on your own and have technical knowledge for the same, then dedicated hosting is best for you.

What are the Pros and Cons of using Dedicated WordPress hosting?

Since nothing is perfect in this world and almost everything has some pros and cons in it. The only thing that helps to decide which one is better and which is not is the weight of the pros and cons. Similarly, Dedicated WordPress hosting can also be beneficial for a particular section of users and some not. Let us check out the pros and cons of having Dedicated WordPress hosting for your website.


  • Reliability: The main advantage of using Dedicated WordPress hosting is its reliable performance. Unlike other web hosting plans, dedicated hosting can give you up to 99.99% of uptime with smooth performance without any hiccups.
  • Resources: All the server resources will be used by your website only.
  • Controllability: In Dedicated hosting, a user is paying for a dedicated server, so it has complete control over it. It means you are under no restrictions from installing any software or tools as per your website requirements. In addition to that, you can also customize your server and have the configuration of your choice.
  • Best Security: For online businesses, Website security is one of their utmost priorities, and they would not like to compromise on it at any cost. So, one of the plus points of having a dedicated server is that there is no vulnerability to security threats from neighboring sites. On top of that, you can even tighten the security of your website as per your requirements.
  • Premium Support: Only serious bloggers and businesses prefer to choose a dedicated WordPress hosting plan. Many hosting companies provide them with complete one-to-one Premium expert support around the clock.


  • Not budget-friendly: Dedicated servers are expensive and are generally not suitable for beginners and Bloggers. It is because you have allocated a dedicated server and all the resources will be used by the website owner only.
  • Requires a bit of technical knowledge: Unlike shared and VPS hosting, setting up a dedicated server can be a bit technical. You will be required to do configuration, Manage the server, Installation, maintenance, etc.
  • Difficult scalability: Since the dedicated WordPress hosting is itself a bit complex and a huge machine, it would be difficult to scale a dedicated physical server. And when your website grows significantly, it would be economically good to upgrade to a larger server rather than increasing the resources you usually have.
dedicated hosting CTA What is Dedicated Hosting? Definition, Types & Comparison

Comparing Dedicated WordPress hosting with other Hosting plans

As we have already talked about how dedicated WordPress hosting can be a perfect choice and how it justifies its expensive price tag in the above sections. Even though it is considered a top-tier web hosting plan worth spending on.

Comparing Dedicated WordPress Hosting Vs Shared Hosting

One of the major differences between Dedicated and shared hosting is the total number of websites hosted on the same server. In shared hosting, you will find the server is being shared with multiple websites simultaneously with limited configuration options. Whereas, in dedicated hosting, you will have your own dedicated server with complete access to its resources.

In addition to that, in dedicated hosting, you will have complete flexibility whereas, on shared hosting, you have to struggle for server resources from other websites. Due to this, it will also become tough for you to scale your server resources to compensate for the high traffic volume without compromising the website’s performance.

When it comes to security, on shared hosting your website will be at risk and completely dependent on other websites. If any of the websites get compromised or hacked, there will be a higher chance that it will also affect your website. Whereas, in dedicated hosting, you will be only responsible for your own website security and you will have total control over it.

Comparing Dedicated hosting with VPS hosting

VPS hosting is somewhat of a hybrid option for shared as well as dedicated hosting. Available with similar plans of shared hosting but with a more secure feature. Although the website hosted is still hosted on a shared server but it has been divided virtually. Due to this fact, the websites on the same server can have distinctive amounts of resources distributed equally.

While comparing VPS with dedicated hosting, dedicated hosting has an edge over it in terms of flexibility and security features. Although your websites will be virtually separated on the shared server it will still not be able to provide complete isolation as Dedicated hosting has.
When it comes to scalability, again the VPS has limitations, while the dedicated server has no restrictions over the resources and provides exactly what you need.

Now when comparing both on security features, no doubt VPS hosting provides a better security feature as compared to shared hosting but not beyond that of Dedicated WordPress hosting.

Comparing Dedicated hosting with Cloud hosting

Cloud hosting is a new type of hosting that has been introduced recently. This type of hosting uses a network of servers all connected to each other virtually. It means, your website will not have to depend on a single physical server unlike other WordPress hosting plans, but rather on different servers across the network.

Since it is distributed along with the network, there will be no single point of failure, which means if anything went wrong with one server on the network, there will be no effect on your website performance as it is still supported by other servers on the same network. Due to this fact, cloud hosting has become more scalable and affordable.

When we consider security features, Cloud hosting can be a better option. Since the server resources are spread across the network, any sensitive data will be stored in segments rather than storing all the data at a particular server. Due to this feature, it can store any sensitive data such as credit card details from an ecommerce website separated from the highly risky areas.

But the only downside is that you are required to have the technical knowledge to implement it properly.

How much does it cost to have a dedicated server?

As we have previously said, dedicated server hosting comes under premium services and it is usually way more expensive than your shared hosting.

Generally, the basic plan for a dedicated server starts at $100 per month. In addition to that, you will have further options to either go for managed or unmanaged servers, which can add more cost depending upon the services, tools, and features offered.

Some Factors that affect the variations in the price of renting dedicated servers are:

  1. The web hosting provider you have selected: The prices of a dedicated server can vary from one hosting provider to another with a huge margin. Some providers can charge you up to 500$ per month even for their basic plans. So, it is better you do your market research first and then go for the most suitable option available.
  2. Type of dedicated hosting you have opted for: Depending upon the user’s different purposes and demands, there have been multiple options or variations available in dedicated hosting. For example, if you do not have the technical knowledge or a team of experts who can manage dedicated servers, then you have an option to go for a managed dedicated hosting plan, where you have to pay extra money so that they can manage servers on your behalf.
  3. Duration of the plan: If you have opted to pay on a monthly basis you will end up paying slightly more than the Annual plans or package of a 2 to 5-year plan.
  4. Level of Resources usage: It is obvious that if your website requires more resources, memory, bandwidth, or processing power then you have to lose your pocket to avail yourself of all these upgrades.

However, at WPOven you can choose a more affordable yet featureful dedicated hosting plan starting from only $16.61 per month.

dedicated hosting CTA What is Dedicated Hosting? Definition, Types & Comparison

On the other hand, if you are looking to buy a Physical dedicated server instead, then prepare yourself to pay a hefty amount for purchasing hardware that cost you around $2000 to $10K.

But the positive side of this option is that overall, you will end up paying less in the long run and you do not need to pay monthly rental charges. But you still have to pay some more money for upgrading your hardware which can get obsolete when it ages.

Not only that but owning a physical dedicated server will also require you to hire a team of dedicated experts to manage, maintenance, and make it secure or you can do it by yourself (if you know how to do it).

Get started with WPOven’s Dedicated WordPress hosting

Since WordPress is one of the most popular Content Management systems on the internet, it has become the first choice for any individual to create different types of websites. These include small websites (personal blogs) to enterprise-level websites.

After choosing the perfect CMS, any individual’s next pick is the suitable Web host. And for that, dedicated WordPress hosting can be the perfect fit. It can provide a complete WordPress platform along with the best ways to store and establish your website.

While many providers are not providing this Premium feature but WPOven does.

With WPOven’s Dedicated WordPress hosting plan, you will have the Fastest Technology stack, Fully Optimized WordPress servers, Unlimited sites, and visits, Enterprise level security, and a dedicated team of WordPress experts. This means your website not only gets high performance but a complete backbone of support from our end.

As a leading Web hosting service provider, WPOven offers a wide range of different plans as per the user requirements, including Managed dedicated WordPress hosting with unique and premium features such as:

  1. Dedicated Server Resources
  2. Web Management
  3. Uptime Monitoring 24X7
  4. Automatic backups
  5. Optimization Support
  6. Overall Security Management
  7. Daily malware scanning and removal
  8. Free migration services
  9. Developer Friendly Platform
  10. Custom setup (PageSpeed, HHVM, Redis, MemCache, etc.)
  11. Anti-Hacking Support
  12. Custom WordPress Dev support etc.

Want to learn more? Check out our Dedicated hosting plans and reveal more premium features in detail. In addition to that if you want more clarity about why WPOven is best among other Dedicated Hosting providers, check out our ultimate comparison given in the link below:

  1. WPOven Vs Kinsta
  2. WPOven Vs Cloudways
  3. WPOven Vs WPEngine


From the above post, you must have got an idea of How dedicated hosting can be the best option and, in some cases, it is not. You just need to make a list of all your website requirements, set priorities, and budget, and then analyze it with the features that dedicated hosting provides after that make a concrete decision.

However, if you are a beginner and your budget is low, but still want your website to have the best security, with dedicated resources, you can opt for VPS hosting.

Apart from that, if you would like to add anything more about Dedicated WordPress hosting or have any queries, please do let us know in the comment section below!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is dedicated hosting?

Dedicated WordPress hosting is a type of Web hosting plan, that provides a dedicated server for your website. Due to a dedicated server allocation, all the resources will not be shared with any other website unlike in Shared and VPS types of hosting.

Do I need dedicated WordPress hosting?

It totally depends upon the website niche and your requirements. Since dedicated hosting provides more reliable, efficient, and secure features, it doesn’t mean that it is suitable for all types of websites. On top of that, it is quite expensive, which is not a great option for small websites.

Is dedicated hosting worth it?

Dedicated hosting has all the advanced features that a website requires, but the price is way higher than shared and VPS hosting. The pricing of dedicated hosting only justifies when a website needs powerful performance, high scalability, tightened security, controllability, and customization options.

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