What is Managed Hosting? Definition, Benefits & Comparison

We know how stressful and complicated things can be for running a successful online business. Handling the marketing, and social media, ensuring high website performance, maintenance, Fast web hosting, website security, etc. can be a lot of hectic tasks for web admins.

Considering all these, Web hosting companies have now started offering Fully managed hosting services to their clients. In this hosting plan, they try to make things a lot easier by using automation and an Expert team that handles the vital process of a website from their end.

In this post, you will get to know everything about Managed Hosting/Managed WordPress hosting in detail, and we hope this will help to answer all your queries regarding Managed Hosting.

Let us dive in!

What is Managed Hosting?

Managed hosting or also popularly known as Managed WordPress hosting is a service offered by Hosting providers in which you will provide multiple features and premium support, which helps to run websites efficiently. That includes all the major tasks such as taking regular backups, uptime monitoring, malware scanning, disk cleanup, and technical support left to the expert team so that you can solely focus on your online business with peace of mind.

To better understand Managed hosting services, let us compare them with other popular plans or services offered by Web hosts.

What are the Benefits of Managed Hosting?

Let us now check out some of the features that make Managed hosting the best option available.

Server Monitoring 24×7

Server monitoring is one of the most essential features that the majority of managed hosting providers offer. System admins keep their eyes on the activities of the server to detect and identify any sort of vulnerability or issue that can seriously impact the server performance in the near future.

This way, system admins make sure that the website stays online and runs smoothly no matter what and hence guarantees server uptime of up to 100%.

Best Security

For running an online business successfully without any fear of getting hacked, website security should be the utmost priority for any website owner or businessman. It is one of the most essential aspects of online business that no one should like to compromise on. Therefore, with managed hosting, you will provide basic as well as an extra layer of security features that you won’t find in any other web hosting plan.

In WPOven’s managed web hosting your website will be secured by:

  • Hardened servers
  • Firewalls and DoS protection
  • Daily Antivirus and malware scanning
  • Anti-Hacking support
  • Regular Updates

Web hosting providers have a dedicated team of experts who are experts in various security tools and have years of experience in dealing with issues related to server security. They keep on monitoring and scanning the servers for any possible vulnerabilities or errors in the system. If found any, fix them as soon as possible to prevent the server from being hacked.

Easy to upgrade and Manage storage

As time passes by, when a website or any online business grows, the storage requirement will also need an upgrade. And even managing the storage becomes essential so that the resources can be efficiently used. But managing storage by yourself won’t be an easy task unless or until you have specific technical skills.

In this situation, a managed hosting provider will come to your rescue and help you efficiently manage your storage, as well as it will be also easy for you to upgrade your storage if necessary.

Complete Peace of mind

One of the major features of having Managed to host for your website is you will have complete peace of mind. You do not have to do all the critical server management or maintenance tasks, rather you can completely focus on your online business without worrying about anything. However, if anything went wrong or you find your website has been down, you can get things to get right back on track in the instant of just a few clicks. You do not need to rely on your website developer or wait for their response, everything will be taken care of by the WebHost end.

Premium Expert Support

Apart from a stress-free experience, you will also get complete Premium support from the dedicated expert team. There will always be an expert team available 24X7 throughout the year to assist or help you during the mishap. In addition to that, the support team will also be responsible for carrying out regular server maintenance tasks, installing new updates, and ensuring your website performance is at the optimum level.

Blazing fast speed

The faster the site will be the better its chances of getting ranked in SERPs. Since search engines like Google prefer faster websites to rank higher in search pages, it has become mandatory for website admins to optimize their websites with lower loading times for both mobile and desktop versions. If, due to any reason you failed to optimize your website for high performance and lower loading, you may lose your ranking to your competitor.

It is because websites with lower loading times or having blazing fast website speed shows good user experience which ultimately helps to get higher conversion rates. But many companies or online businesses want their website to look more featureful with lots of functionality added to it. But they forget to consider the website performance and its loading time.

In reality, visitors prefer to visit a website with a low loading time and can be easy to access. As per the recent study by Akamai and Forrester, it has been found that:

  • About half of web users prefer to visit those pages which can load in less than 2 seconds and it has been observed that the bounce rate has been increased with the loading time increased to 3 seconds.
  • About 79% of the eCommerce users who found issues with website performance show no interest in returning back to the same website to buy again.

Even, a slight delay of about 1 sec can lead to lower conversions by 7%.

According to the Kissmetrics report, more than 73% of smartphone users say they have found websites with poor performance and were too slow to load. This issue compels mobile users to other alternate websites that show better performance and have slower loading times.

Automatic Backups

What if one morning you wake up and find your website has been hacked or lost? At that moment you will start to panic and it will never be possible for you to get all the website data back. Data theft or data loss can be a serious issue for any business that runs online. Despite this, it is surprising to know a majority of online businesses still don’t have their backup plan ready.

As per recent stats, it has been found that more than 22% of small online businesses stop their business after their website is hacked or attacked. Whereas, 97% of the online businesses that had a backup plan ready were able to completely recover and continue their operations.

But when you choose Managed hosting, things become pretty easy and relaxing. You will no longer have fear of losing your data and things become more secure and automatic. Your hosting provider will take automatic backups at regular intervals with the latest technology available and store the data in a very secure location.

On the other hand, when you choose unmanaged hosting services, you will find there are a lot of hidden costs associated with it. Such as you need to hire a system admin, developers, database admins, and other technical staff to manage your server separately. But, in managed hosting plans, you will be provided with a team of experts who have high technical knowledge and skills and can easily handle any issue professionally.

CTA Managed Hosting What is Managed Hosting? Definition, Benefits & Comparison

Some Pros and Cons of Managed Hosting


  • No technical knowledge required: You are not required to have technical knowledge about servers, their configuration, and their installations. Everything will be taken care of by the hosting provider instead.
  • Ensure high performance and speed: Managed web hosting provides faster loading times, incredible speed, and up to 100% uptime. This means you can run your website to its full potential without any negative feedback from the users.
  • Focus on your business: You do not need to worry about your website backend processes rather the only thing you need to focus on is your website content, its design, and its growth strategies.
  • Enhanced Security: The managed hosting providers bring the latest security patches and updates available to their systems. It helps to provide overall protection from hackers’ attacks, viruses, and other issues.
  • Automatic Backups: Be 100% ensure with Managed hosting that provides automatic regular backups at no extra cost. The backup file will consist of the latest version of your website and be stored at a secure place from where you can easily restore your website in case of emergency quickly.
  • Expert level Management: You will be provided with a team of experts that look after your website’s back-end processes so that you can do all the front-end processes carefree. On top of that, you will not just be provided support by any normal team of experts but there will be a dedicated experienced team that knows everything about WordPress.
  • One-Click Staging platform: You won’t like anything that happened to the site that is caused by either you have made slight changes to it or adding a new plugin. To avoid this, a staging platform or environment is the best thing to try new things on your website, test plugins, and check new functions without making them live and affecting your website.


  • Expensive Service: This is one of the major cons of managed hosting. It is a bit more expensive than your regular unmanaged web hosting plans. If you are looking for the cheapest web hosting plans then managed hosting is not meant for you.
  • Automatic Updates: Most managed hosting providers automatically update your website with the latest updated update without any prior notice. Some people prefer to update their website when they first make sure that the update is stable and has no issues.
  • Limited support of plugins: Plugins are one of the best tools that can increase the functionality of any website. But some managed hosting services will limit or restrict you to use certain plugins, especially open-source or third-party plugins.
  • Limited to WordPress sites: Since the server is well-optimized for WordPress, you are bound to run only WordPress-based websites. It means you cannot run or create any other website which is based on other CMS or platforms such as Joomla, Wix, Squarespace, etc on WordPress-managed hosts.
  • No access to the .htaccess file: With the help of the .htaccess file you can make configuration changes on a per-directory basis. But managed hosts don’t provide this feature. It is because the majority of managed hosts use the NGINX which does not provide the .htaccess feature. This means you are not able to do certain functions.

Comparing Managed Hosting vs Dedicated Hosting

Managed Hosting

  • You will be provided with complete support. Web admins or Online business owners have no need to spend a lot of their time juggling server management. The Expert team from the hosting company will do all the work from their end.
  • The Hosting company will do all the server management and reboots and make sure that everything is running smoothly and efficiently.
  • The managed hosting provider will decide and look after the server and infrastructure maintenance.
  • The Managed hosting provider will be responsible for all the server maintenance, its security, and daily malware scanning.
  • Complete premium technical assistance will be provided without paying any extra cost and a dedicated technical expert team will be allocated to help you with your issue.

Unmanaged Dedicated Hosting

  • Unmanaged Dedicated has a comparatively lower price than managed hosting and provides complete control over the server, which means there is a lot of work that has to be done by the customer.
  • You will be responsible for configuring your own server settings such as installing operating systems, installing scripts, and doing regular maintenance.
  • Not suitable for those online businesses that do not have the potential and technical knowledge of server setup and maintenance, will wind up paying more than usual throughout the service.
  • The web host will not be responsible for server maintenance, control panel, and any security threats.
  • The hosting company can charge you a premium for any extra technical support and even the hosting provider will also be responsible for whatever issues or problems your website has.

Therefore, Online businesses or companies should opt for the best web hosting plan only after considering all the ups and downs of a particular web host plan. Check whether they are ok with upkeeping the server maintenance, ensuring security, or knowing all the technical aspects of the server or not.

Comparing Managed Hosting Vs VPS Hosting

VPS hosting or Virtual Private hosting is an alternate option for dedicated hosting within a shared hosting price. It is actually a hybrid between dedicated and shared hosting in which the dedicated server is being allocated virtually within a shared hosting environment.

If you want the maximum features of dedicated hosting such as a faster environment, powerful and smooth performance, and good security at a lesser price then VPS hosting is the best option for you.

If you choose our Managed VPS hosting (if your budget is tight, you will get Free WordPress and CDN-ready setup, Top-notch security, an Automatic backup system, protection from DDoS attacks, and other exclusive benefits.

Comparing Managed Hosting vs Public Cloud hosting

If you know all the technicalities of hosting and have enough time to manage your own hosting around the clock but also do not want to invest in servers, then public cloud hosting can be a better option for you.

But, one thing you must keep in mind is that unmanaged public cloud hosting is a complete Do-it-yourself project, where only you will be responsible for setting up a server, taking regular backups, implementing a security system, monitoring, running software and applications, updates, and many more.

On top of that, another point worth noting is that your website data will be stored on a shared server with other websites’ data. This means the vulnerability to getting hacked or cyber-attacks will be more than can happen due to any of the compromised websites on the shared server. In addition to that, you may notice an occasional degradation in the server performance.

However, there are various good methods available that help you to host your website on a cloud host but the main concern is that it is very time-consuming and requires technical knowledge. Therefore, the majority of online businesses prefer to go for Managed Hosting which is more economical, has better security, and has power-packed performance. After all, time is directly variable to your business outcome and you don’t want to spend your precious time on maintaining or managing your website.

How Much are Managed Hosting Costs?

Usually, you will find managed hosting plans offered by various web hosting providers is quite expensive and on average you have to pay anywhere from $30/month to $500/month. But at WPOven, you can enjoy the features of Managed hosting like unlimited domain hosting at the starting price of only 66.63$ per month.

The price can vary from one provider to another depending on the:

  • The Type of Managed Hosting (Dedicated, VPS, or Cloud)
  • Addons (Extra features and services)
  • Expert Support
  • Technology and Infrastructure the company uses.

However, when you go for a managed web hosting plan, you can enjoy all the basic features of unmanaged hosting plans but with Some extra features added with it, such as:

  • Free SSL certificates
  • Unlimited Websites and Unlimited Migration
  • Staging Environment
  • Automatic Backups
  • Automatic Updates
  • Expert Support 24X7
  • Bug fixes and Anti-hacking support
  • Free Email and many more.

Is Managed Hosting worth it for you?

Ask yourself, what is more important for you? low cost or minimum maintenance with peace of mind web hosting experience? If you choose minimum maintenance, then managed hosting is the best deal for you. However, if you cannot afford the expensive price tag of Managed Dedicated hosting, you can better opt for Managed VPS hosting with the same benefits and almost the same performance at a much lower price.

Generally, Managed hosting is popular among busy professionals who have no time to manage their websites but can pay extra money to do the same job as other professionals.

Get started with WPOven’s Fully Managed WordPress Hosting

Since WordPress has shown dominance over the CMS market around the web, the number of websites based on WordPress has been significantly increasing. Due to this fact, now Hosting companies are now coming up with a dedicated and custom-built platform called Managed WordPress hosting that is specially designed and well-optimized for WordPress sites to provide better and Fast performance than any other websites.

Managed WordPress Hosting is like a service in which the host takes care of all the technical aspects of running a WordPress website smoothly, which includes monitoring possible threats and blocking them, daily backups, providing the latest updates, and many more. 

Similarly, WPOven has also come up with a fully managed WordPress hosting service that has full of exclusive features, provided Powerpack performance, and Best in the industry fastest servers especially optimized and designed for WordPress sites.

It is not just like any other Managed WordPress hosting but it also provides you with some exclusive and premium additional features that no other host can provide in the same price range.

What makes WPOven different from other Managed WordPress hosting providers are:

  • Dedicated VPS with IP optimized to run Fast WordPress Sites
  • Experts are available 24X7 to solve every issue and bend over backward if needed
  • No limit on the number of sites or visits like other similar hosts on all pricing plans.
  • Daily automatic backups on S3 and single-click restore for all your sites.
  • Firewall, Security practices & Malware scanning & cleanup
  • Free SSL and One Free Email with every server.
  • CDN ready Datacenters are located all over the globe for the lowest latency and Fastest speed.
  • Create unlimited staging and import to live in just a single click.


One of the major advantages of having managed hosting for your small business is complete peace of mind experience. You no longer have to worry about its maintenance, security, updates and taking regular backups. On top of that, managed hosting can also increase your conversation rates as it enhances the website’s performance remarkably. And it turned out to be an affordable option if you compare it with your ROI.

So, if you want a completely hassle-free experience of hosting your website without any expertise or knowledge required, then managed hosting is the perfect option that you are looking for.

If you would like to know more about Managed WordPress hosting and what extra features or benefits you will have? Please reach out to us via WPOven contact us page or you can directly chat with our representatives on the WPOven’s home page.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is meant by managed hosting?

Managed WordPress Hosting is like a service in which the host takes care of all the technical aspects of running a WordPress website smoothly, which includes monitoring possible threats and blocking them, daily backups, providing the latest updates, and many more. 

Why is managed Hosting important?

Managed hosting works as a backbone or Extra support that is provided to the client so that they can solely focus on their business and front end of the website with peace of mind, and the backend process can be left for a team of experts to handle.

What is the difference between managed and unmanaged hosting?

In simple words, unmanaged hosting provides a user complete control over their server whereas, in Managed hosting, a server is being maintained by the hosting provider which makes everything easier and smoother.

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