How to Install IonCube Loaders in Linux Server

What is Ioncube loaderIoncube provides security by using encryption / Decryption for PHP applications and IonCube Loader is a PHP extension that works to decode PHP scripts previously encoded by the ionCube PHP Encoder package. It also helps speed up the PHP application execution and restrict unauthorized execution. To install IonaCube Loaders : Step 1 […]

How to install and enable Mcrypt extension for PHP + Nginx

Sometimes while installing WordPress plugins, you might come across a message to install / enable Mcrypt extension for PHP. Mcrypt is an interface which supports a wide range of block algorithims. It support Algorithims like DES, TripleDES, GOST, OFB etc. Note : The Mcrypt extension relies on the ‘libmcrypt’ extension, which is not maintained since […]

How to search or find a File / Folder on your Linux Server ?

To locate files or folders on your Linux server through command line or bash, you can use the ‘find‘ command. The syntax for the find command is as follows : find {dirctory_to_search} {search_by} {pattern_to_search} [action] For Example, if you wish to search a file called ‘filename.php’ by name on the entire server. fine / -name […]