Page Load Animations: SEO Myth or Marketing Magic?

You feel nostalgic if I talk about the time when the internet connection used to be a luxury and even Edge or dial-up connections were revolutionary. Although internet surfing at that time seemed soothing, the slow modem connection followed by the “Loading…” message was quite annoying.

During that time, loading animations were like little bits of magic that kept the hope of experiencing the wonders of the internet and sustaining the excitement.

But nowadays, with the internet dramatically booming with 5G connectivity, do page-loading animations still hold any significance, or are they holding us back?

When discussing the present scenario, it has become a realm of digitalization, where speed, performance, and AI are predominant. Forget about the days when you used to let websites load while you did some household chores.

In today’s era of instant gratification, time is the currency. People prefer instant page loading, instant clicks, instant checkout, and almost instant everything. Considering this age of digital transformation, it has also become essential to question whether loading animations still hold their significance.

At WPOven, we are a bunch of enthusiasts. We don’t blindly follow the crowd or accept changes easily. Instead, we follow a completely systematic path: first, we raise questions, analyze them, and then accept them accordingly.

Instead of relying on individual opinions and past experiences, we believe in numbers—where statistics and data speak the truth.

So, without glancing around, we switch on our Testing mode and conduct various tests.

The test results were surprising, here are the insights:

  • Our data showed that websites with these animations were 20% slower in page speed compared to websites without animations.
  • This was even before our team did any optimization to make them faster.

One of the critical strategies of the Wpoven Pagespeed method is it offers Premium WProcket services included in the plans for Free that turn on/off javascript when necessary. The best part is, no matter whether you like to enable animations on your website or not, Ensure the smoothest and fastest website experience throughout.

See yourself: Before the website hosted on WPOven

Before the website hosted on WPOven
Before the website hosted on WPOven

After the website migrated to WPOven servers. See the magic of WPOven (Premium Wprocket included Free)

After the website migrated to WPOven servers
After the website migrated to WPOven servers
  • During tests, some users even experience slight jolting animations while checking out the content.
  • Others experience surfing the webpage like in the old days, with the same Edge or dial-up internet connection and the same ‘loading…‘ message on the screen.
  • And merely about 5% of the users experience a white screen of death or a completely blank screen with absolutely no content on it.
  • You also might be surprised to know that not only do loading animations contribute to the problems, but page transition effects can also have the same issues.
  • These effects might seem fancy, but behind the scenes, they hinder performance by slowing down the sites.

So, what we conclude from this?

After conducting the above tests, we conclude that when we dig deeper into the world of page speed optimization, we realize these points:

  • These page transition effects and loading animations might seem fancy and artistic, but the reality is they are no longer needed today.
  • They were great at a time when users had patience and excitement. But now, we have stepped into a new era of the digital realm where immediacy is supreme.
  • In-shot just cut the crap and deliver content straight to the point.

So, what is the next course of action?

No doubt, page-loading animations were things of the past. However, to be successful and survive in today’s competitive edge, only certain things matter. They are:

  • Fast website speed and performance.
  • Content should be concise and delivered to users quickly.

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