15 Best WordPress Social Media plugins of 2023

Hundreds of people get viral due to social media sharing. This is the time to get Viral and increase your reach to a vast majority. Most individuals are connected through social media, chatting, sharing, and engaging with friends. And sharing is an integral part of our social life as well, which helps you to gain trust and loyalty among your friends. Isn’t it!!.  

You might be thinking that what is the relation between social media and sharing? Let me clear your doubt, Social Media has become a major medium through which you can share or add valuable content to your friends and bring traffic to your website. 

It creates a long chain that expands your audience’s reach. For example, whenever you find any interesting article you just share it with your friends directly with the help of WordPress Social media plugins which you can easily find below most of the articles.

With these WordPress Social media plugins, you can easily share news, articles, or any valuable information among your friends with a single click. Isn’t it a very good feature right!!

If you are in hurry, here is a quick comparison table of the best WordPress social media plugins you can check.

Best WordPress Social Media Plugins – Comparison Table 2023

WordPress Social media PluginsPro version starts fromFree versionActive installsAverage WordPress.org rating out of 5
Shared counts$40 / monthtick1 15 Best WordPress Social Media plugins of 202310,000+4.9
AddToAny share buttonsFreetick1 15 Best WordPress Social Media plugins of 2023500,000+4.8
Kiwi Social SharingFreetick1 15 Best WordPress Social Media plugins of 202310,000+4.1
Social Media Share buttons$29.98 (Lifetime)tick1 15 Best WordPress Social Media plugins of 2023200,000+4.9
Easy social share buttons$22 (Lifetime)cross 10 Best WordPress Backup Plugins For 2023 (Free & Paid)32,000+4.6 (Codecanyon)
Sassy Social ShareFreetick1 15 Best WordPress Social Media plugins of 2023100,000+4.7
Best WordPress social media Plugin comparison table

Now the main problem comes, to choosing the right WordPress Social Media Plugin. Yeah it’s quite tricky and confusing at the same time, But you do not need to worry, you will be Guided through this article on how to choose the right WordPress Social media plugin for your WordPress Website.

For your convenience, a list of Super 15 WordPress Social Media Plugins has been discussed, From which you can choose as per your requirements.

Things You Should Keep in Mind While Choosing the Right WordPress Social Media Plugin

Wait Wait Wait!!! Half knowledge is highly dangerous. So, don’t straightly jump onto the plugin section. Before choosing any plugin you must go through the guidelines for what to look for in the plugin. Most people commit this mistake and end up frustrated.

We always come up with such kind of guidelines to aware our audience. So that you won’t face any problems afterward. So, in this section, we’ll discuss the things that you should look for in a WordPress social media plugin. Let’s bang on to the discussion!!

  • One of the most common issues that almost everyone faces is that most social media plugins affect your site’s loading time negatively. [We have recommended some WordPress cache plugins to improve site speed here. ]So, it spoils the performance of your website to an extent. The main reason behind this is that these plugins come with so many additional in-built templates, themes, stylesheets, scripts, and designs, which makes your website very slow. So, always keep this factor in mind and choose the plugin which does not affect the performance of your website.
  • Different plugins support different social media platforms. So, you must decide your preferences first. Which social media platform do you want to include on your website? First, find the answer to this question and then go for the plugin that offers you support for all the platforms you have included in your preference list.
  • The next most important thing is the location of the social icons. Various plugins provide you with the option to add social icons at different locations. You can add the icons at the top, bottom, or even at the side bars of your page. So, as per your choice, you can select the plugin which provides you the option to add the icons at your desired location.

Some additional pinpoints while choosing WordPress social media plugins to consider are –

  • Authenticity: This has to be your main concern while choosing a WordPress plugin whether it is for social media or E-commerce. It is because WordPress is an open-source platform, and developers are free to create plugins and upload them. Some plugins can even harm your site. Be cautious about it and check reviews online from multiple sources before installing them.
  • Abandoned plugins: Some WordPress social media plugins have been abandoned by their developers and updates have been stopped. In this case, there is an increase in security threats and Bugs.
  • Flexibility to locate and customize: This is one of the main things which I consider that every WordPress social media plugin should have, i.e Flexibility to position or customize your plugin as per your and the user’s convenience. Some plugins provide either at the beginning of the post or the End of the article. But in my case, which I prefer, the plugins should be fixed at the side of the panel. And a user can easily share content at any point in time while scrolling.
  • Accessibility and speed: This is again one of the first and utmost priority features one should consider before installing a plugin that is responsive, easily accessible, and fast. That cannot disrupt the overall site loading speed and experience. Hence, site speed is a crucial part of SEO, and users tend to leave slow sites immediately. Even Google penalizes Slow performing sites.
  • Ratings and Reviews: The more users, the more trustful and better app. Hence, always look at the total number of trusted downloads and User ratings of plugins. But I would like to also mention that do not blindly trust user ratings. Because sometimes developers try to trick you by using fake or paid reviews. Always look into the positive as well as negative reviews. Analyze and research about them, if anything you find suspicious about it. It is recommended that you choose plugins that have average user ratings.

So, these all were very the most important things that you must keep in mind before choosing any WordPress social media plugin for your website. Now, let’s discover some of the most amazing WordPress social media plugins that you can choose for your website.

As there is a famous quote, ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover.’ That’s why we always advise you to try all the plugins at least once. I know its sounds quite impossible to try all the plugins. That’s why we always come up with the topmost WordPress social media plugins to make the selection process easy for you.

Types of WordPress Social Media Plugins as Per User’s Need

The need for Plugins and their features and functionalities differ from user to user. Some users use it for personal blogs and some use it for corporate websites. Hence, some WordPress social media plugins have evolved with keeping in mind user needs and experiences.

So, you cannot simply define a whole set of the list on a single post, but I tried to mention some of the most common functionalities which will help you to understand before installing them.

  • Plugins with dedicated comment feature: Although WordPress provides you with a comment feature on your article/post, it has no social value. And it will not add visitor engagement because it won’t be showing on social media platforms where it attracts others to comment and engage. For example, you can see Facebook comments on Facebook as well as on your blog.
  • Automated plugins: Automated WordPress Social media plugins have been trending nowadays. Users are moving towards more automation rather than manual processes. For example, whenever you post a new article on your blog, it will automatically be shared on your social media accounts and even you can schedule it as well. And the user will refrain from all social media posting or sharing processes.
  • Social media Feeds: With this Feed feature, all your social media feeds such as Instagram, Facebook or Twitter Feeds can be directly shown on your website too. This helps in increasing user experience and encourages viewer engagement.
  • Feed Twitter Quotes and Facts: One of the most famous social media networks i.e Twitter, why not!!. It provides the ultimate platform for a user to share thoughts, quotes, etc. And with the help of click-to-tweet plugins, it becomes a lot easier to share content with your readers.
  • Dedicated social sharing buttons: These types of plugins help to increase traffic and more links to your content. Whenever a reader finds something interesting on your blog. He/she would love to share it on their social media accounts. And with the help of dedicated social sharing buttons that are placed on either top of the article, below, or even the side of the webpage, it becomes easy for them to share.
  • Login with social accounts: Plugins that provide login with social accounts tend to be more secure and safe. It is spamming and fraudulent activities by Bots. It is easier and fast since users need not create a separate username or password for it.
  • Restricted sharing: This plugin is used to generate leads and followers. With the help of this plugin, blogs, and Corporations Lock or restrict their content, and allow access only if they share or follow them on social media accounts. 

From the collection that you will see right now, you will find free or paid plugins to share your WordPress notes on social networks and plugins to share your WordPress posts that have a premium version. The reality is that in the vast majority of cases, the features included in the free version are more than enough to achieve your mission.

Super 15 WordPress Social media plugins

Let’s take a deep dive into the best 10 WordPress social media plugins you can go for. We have discussed all the plugins by covering all the concerned aspects. We have reviewed and tested hundreds of plugins and then excreated these 10 best WordPress social media plugins. Let’s discuss these WordPress social media plugins one by one.

1. Shared Counts

Shared counts plugin

Shared Counts is one of the fastest WordPress social media plugins, which is quite easy to use. It includes some of the most popular social media networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Linked In, Google+, etc.

It offers you a wide range of button styles and also you can decide by yourself and place the buttons anywhere manually. In order to enable this feature, you can simply go to the custom post types option.

With the help of Shared Counts, you can get a social share count for any network of platforms. You can also display the total number of shares on all the networks.

Features of Shared Counts Plugin

You might be quite interested to know about the features of Shared Counts. If yes!!! Then this section is purely devoted to you.

  • Contains a live preview of the backend
  • Instantly loads cache
  • Contains numerous designs of Layouts
  • Presents layout with four icon
  • Instantly updates Ajax count
  • Developer friendly as everything is customizable with filters
  • The dynamic caching system minimizes queries while refreshing content
  • Keep the code lean so that website loads faster
  • It doesn’t use cookies or tracking scripts to store any user data

That’s all about the features offered by the Shared Counts WordPress social media plugin.

Plans & Pricing of Shared Counts Plugin

You can download and use the free version of the Shared Counts plugin from the WordPress directory, but if you want to use their premium features, upgrade to their paid plans starting from $40 per month and going up to $640 per month.

Shared Counts Review – WPOven Opinion

Without a doubt, I will give 5 stars to this plugin. Shared Counts is one of the most effective WordPress social media plugins I have ever worked with. The configuration and setup as so very easy; it took hardly a minute.

By using this plugin, I prepared some good and attractive social buttons, which truly improved the audience engagement on my blog page within a month. If I talk about customer support, let me clarify to you that this is a very easy-to-use plugin, so I don’t think you’ll feel any need for guidance. But still, I raised a query to test them, but they successfully passed the test and gave me a reply by the very next day.

I will highly recommend you go for the premium plans. I once tried the premium plan and became a huge fan of Shared Counts. You must try the premium at least once. You’ll surely fall in love with it.

2. AddToAny Share Buttons

AddToAny Share Buttons WordPress plugin

AddToAny Share Buttons is another powerful WordPress social media plugin that offers you a wide variety of social media platforms, a universal sharing menu, along with floating and standard social sharing bars. You can display the social share counts without even creating an account.

You will also get Google Analytics integration along with this plugin. You can easily improve your site traffic and audience engagement by AddToAny Share Buttons. This WordPress social media plugin works with several social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, WhatsApp, Linked In, Tumblr, Reddit, WeChat, and over 100 more sharing and social media sites.

Features of AddToAny Share Buttons Plugin

Now, let’s take a brief look at the features you will get along with this WordPress social media plugin named as AddToAny share buttons.

  • It gets the right destination to share or save the content, whether in a native app or the web.
  • Universal menus react instantly to taps, clicks, and multiple forms of input device and device orientations.
  • Sharing on mobile, let’s choose between an app or a mobile site.
  • Its icons are scalable vector graphics, meaning they load fast, are mathematically precise, and are scalable to any size.
  •  Its lightweight code follows best practices and is optimized to load efficiently from any location around the world.

You will get a handful of features along with AddToAny Share Buttons. Let’s jump onto the pricing of this plugin.

Plans & Pricing of AddToAny Share Buttons Plugin

AddToAny share buttons plugin is an entirely FREE WordPress social media plugin. This plugin does not come up with any premium plans. But it offers all the features that one must look for in the best WordPress caching plugins. You can install this plugin 100% free from the WordPress directory. In order to install this plugin, stay connected with us!!! Our next section is purely devoted to the installation and setup of the AddToAny share buttons plugin.

AddToAny Share Buttons Review – WPOven Opinion

I will give 5 stars to this WordPress social media plugin. Being a free plugin, it is much more efficient than those highly-priced and top-rated WordPress social media plugins. The setup was so effortless and smooth; it took hardly 2-3 minutes.

It is a wonderful plugin with a tremendous amount of features. I used to live under the myth that free plugins do not offer good customer support. But this amazing plugin changed my mind completely. Every time I raised a query, they resolved it in just 24 hours. This plugin changed my mind completely about free plugins. I will recommend everyone to try it at least once.


3. Kiwi Social Sharing

Kiwi Social Sharing

Kiwi Social Sharing is another social media solution on our list. You can easily display the sharing buttons wherever you want, whether above or below the content or as floating bars on the left-hand side, right-hand side, or even at the bottom of the page. This plugin supports social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+, and Flint.

It provides you with the option of different shapes of buttons. However, it lags behind some competitors in terms of design. You will get Google Analytics support and features custom meta boxes, click-to-tweet, tweet-selected text, and a shortcode manager.

Features of Kiwi Social Sharing Plugin

So, let’s have a quick discussion on the features of the Kiwi Social Sharing Plugin.

  • All sorts of social networks are available as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and many more
  • Possibility of re-arranging icon position on the share bar
  • Great UI with intuitive & simple option 
  • Contains four different skins
  • The more futuristic approach, shift style
  • Contains a friendly approach, pill style
  • The eye-catching approach, leaf style ( like a leaf in the wind)
  • Displays social icons before content, after content both

Kiwi Social Share is a feature-packed plugin that offers you a handful of features

Plans & Pricing of Kiwi Social Sharing Plugin

Kiwi Social Share plugin is an entirely FREE WordPress social media plugin. This plugin does not come up with any premium plans. But it offers all the features that one must look for in the best WordPress caching plugins. You can install this plugin 100% free from the WordPress directory. In order to install this plugin, stay connected with us!!! Our next section is purely devoted to the installation and setup of the Kiwi Social Share plugin.

Kiwi Social Sharing Plugin Review – WPOven Opinion

I will give 4 stars to this plugin. It is quite a responsive and easy-to-use plugin. If you are not a tech-savvy person then also you will not face any challenges while the installation and setup. The share buttons look so nice. The support has also been quite quick and the reply was also very satisfactory.

I will highly recommend you go for the premium version, although the free one is also very good but somewhere restricts in providing some social media sharing options such as email, RSS, etc. So, you must go for the premium if you are looking for a wide range of social media sharing options. Before that, I would suggest you try the free version. If it suits your requirements, then you should go for the premium.

4. Social Media Share Buttons

Social Media Share buttons WordPress Plugin

Social Media Share Buttons are one of the most intuitive and simple WordPress social media plugins that you can opt for for your website. This plugin provides you with a variety of 200+ social media sharing options such as email, Facebook, RSS, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest, Linked In, and many more.

This plugin also enables you to upload custom share icons as per your choice. It also provides you with the option of displaying the social share buttons and creative locations. Using this plugin, you can also set the margin of the button. Some effects like floating buttons and stickiness options are also there.

Features of Social Media Share Buttons Plugin

Now, let’s take a brief look at this feature-packed WordPress social media plugin often known as Social Media Share Buttons plugin.

  • Pick from 16 different designs for your social media share icons
  • Gives several actions to one social media share icons
  • Make your social media icons float or sticky 
  • Allow visitors to subscribe to your blog by email
  • Add counts to your social media buttons
  • It gives social media icons an animation to make the visitors aware of the share icon
  • It displays a pop-up page asking people to follow/ share the blog

So, this was all about the features of the Social Media Share Buttons plugin.

Plans & Pricing of Social Media Share Buttons Plugin

Although the free version is not restricted to anything still, if you want, then you can upgrade to the premium version of Social Media Share Buttons by paying a one-time fee of $29.98 and going up to $39.98 for commercial sites.

Social Media Share Buttons Review – WPOven Opinion

I will give it 4 stars. However, this plugin is quite a great WordPress social media plugin. I was quite happy with its services and features. The installation and setup took around 5-6 minutes. The customer support was also very good; they usually reply within a few hours.

The thing which I didn’t like about this plugin is that when I was using the free version, then there were too many advertisements for the premium version. However, the premium version is excellent and completely worth it. But too much advertisement was quite disturbing. Apart from this, I have fallen in love with the premium version, and I will highly recommend you go for the premium. It has so many features to offer.

5. Easy Social Share Buttons

Social Proof Notifications

Easy Social Share Buttons are one of the most popular WordPress social media plugins that you can use to add social sharing buttons to your WordPress website. It allows you to add bright-looking social sharing buttons on the posts and pages of your website.

The plugin offers you 45 major social media platforms, around 52 templates, more than 27 design positions, and tons of customization options. Also comes up with 9 in-built button style templates (such as classic, metro, modern, round, Retina, retina metro, retina light, and retina flat), 3 display styles (such as icon only, icon with name, and icon with name on hover), optional counters and 9 display locations for you to choose from.

Features of Easy Social Share Buttons Plugin

Excited to know about the features in offers!!! Let’s have a look at the features offered by this amazing plugin.

  • Most popular short URL services supported: bit.ly, rebrandly, po.st.
  • Most popular affiliate and point plugins for WordPress
  • Custom share buttons can be created, displayed, and place anywhere inside the content or code
  • It can recover past shares from various URL changes, including migrating to HTTPS
  • Contains easy color changes of social share buttons
  • Carefully built with performance in mind with different options for optimization
  • Interactive shortcode generator to add social media features anywhere on the website

So, these were the features that are offered by Easy Social Share Buttons.

Plans & Pricing of Easy Social Share Buttons Plugin

Easy Social Share Buttons is a premium plugin that does not have any FREE version. To use the Easy Social Share Buttons plugin for building responsive pricing tables, you need to buy a regular license worth $ 22.

Mini-Review of Easy Social Share Buttons

I will give 4 stars to this plugin. This is one of the most amazing WordPress social media plugins that can opt for. I am so very impressed with the features and in-built template it offers. This plugin is value for money. This plugin comes with tons of customization tools that make your work quite easy.

The customer support is so very superb. I got a reply in minutes which is quite unbelievable. One thing that disappointed me is that the settings and setup are so very messy for a non-tech person. It should be simplified by the developer. Rest everything about this plugin is excellent.

6. Sassy Social Share

Sassy Social Share

Sassy Social Share is another WordPress social media plugin that is quite easy to use plugin which comes with tons of options. It provides you with the support of so many social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, Linked In, Whatsapp, Tumblr, Pinterest, Reddit, Parler, and over 100 more social sharing and bookmarking services.

It comes with optimized and good-looking vector icons. You can also add buttons in post content along with the sticky floating menu. You will also get the share count feature along with this plugin. The plugin comes with three basic styles, i.e., rounded, square, or rectangle buttons.

Features of Sassy Social Share Plugin

Now, let’s give a deep dive into the features of the Sassy Social Share plugin.

  • Compatible with Gutenberg editor 
  • Compatible with myCRED ( append myCRED referral ID at the end of the URL being shared
  • Includes around 100 social sharing/ Bookmarking services 
  • Share counts are supported for all the social media platforms
  • Option to specify sharing icon shape – square round and rectangular 
  • Options to specify sharing icon size- minimum 16 pixels, no upper limit
  • Enable share coun cache with an option to control cache refresh time-frame

So, this was all about the features offered by the Sassy Social Share plugin.

Plans & Pricing of Sassy Social Share Plugin

The Sassy Social Share plugin is an entirely FREE WordPress social media plugin. This plugin does not come up with any premium plans. But it offers all the features that one must look for in the best WordPress caching plugins. You can install this plugin 100% free from the WordPress directory. In order to install this plugin, stay connected with us!!! Our next section is purely devoted to the installation and setup of the Sassy Social Share plugin

Sassy Social Share Plugin Review – WPOven Opinion

I will give this plugin 5 stars. This is one of the most awesome WordPress social media plugins. It is the only plugin that works for both posts and Woo Commerce. This is the best thing about this plugin. It comes up with so many options. The setup requires just a few seconds, you only need to set the settings to default and you are done.

The customer support was so very fast. They reply within 24 hours. This is another free plugin that has amazed me with its awesome features. I will recommend this to everyone, at least give it a try. I am sure you will not get disappointed.

Some Other Best WordPress Social Media Plugins

7. Disqus


With more than 100,000+ Active Installations, Disqus becomes one of the most popular WordPress Social media Comment plugins.

It is sold as a system to allow you to comment on your posts using social networks, it will also allow you to share your blog entries on social networks by helping to directly engage with your audience to generate loyalty, retain readers and foster thriving communities.

The fact of allowing comments in your notes will greatly oil the feedback of your readers, without having to register with WordPress to comment, since most have their social networks open in their browser (SSO with Facebook, Twitter, and Google).

Disqus installs in one click and replaces the default WordPress commenting system. Best of all, if you had existing comments in your notes, Disqus imports them automatically upon installation.

8. Jetpack


With more than 5 million active installations, the jetpack is seriously giving tough competition among other WordPress social media plugins.

It is not just used for social media sharing but it also provides, backup, anti-spam, malware scan, CDN, AMP, social, search, contact form, and integrations with Woo, Facebook, Instagram, and Google. Integrated with multiple features, jetpack becomes a super plugin, with functionality and a user-friendly interface. 

Not to forget Jetpack has one of the most basic and free WordPress social media plugins available. It comes free with WordPress installation. With so basic functionality you can position your social share buttons either at the top of the blog or the end of the article.

Customization of buttons is another plus point adding to it. No doubt there are many WordPress plugins out there loaded with premium features and more customization options. But I do believe in simple simplicity. which is not complex and hardly affects your website performance.

Apart from the most basic functionality, it also has an automatic scheduling feature, which added a spark to it.

9. Monarch

Monarch social media plugin

One of the most beautiful WordPress social media plugins available with lots of customization options available. Although it is a paid plugin, features and a lot of customization options make it worth paying for. 

With a simple UI and design loaded with a lot of possibilities, Developers from elegant themes bring you all the available options and complete solutions in a single package. 

Like most of the basic WordPress social media plugins, it also has simple features like adding social media buttons at top of the blog, below the post, or side of it.

What makes it unique is its additional features like pop-up windows which can pop at the middle or side of the page. This feature encourages visitors to share on their social media accounts.

If you look at the number of options for social media buttons, it provides the most common and popular ones which will be sufficient for you. (20 social media buttons more or less subjected to updates)

With a lot of customization options for buttons i.e colors, animation, size, etc. You can decorate and customize it as per your website color or theme.

Apart from all the features and functions, there is also a less positive aspect of it as well. In some blogs, it is also mentioned that this plugin little slows down web pages.  

10. Sumo Social App

Sumo Social sharing

One of the best and most popular Free WordPress Social media plugins ever created. It gained a lot of popularity due to a large number of options it provides which is completely Free.

It marked a great position in E-commerce as well as blogging. The major use of Sumo is for Email marketing. Through this, you can easily generate leads and build up your email list. 

The unique features which make it stand out above the rest are:

  • Free and Premium options
  • Easy and Responsive design
  • With Regular Updates and Support
  • It provides insights to analyze
  •  Fully control the CSS in the advanced section.
  • Loaded with the most popular Social media buttons and connections 
  • Helps in to grow Email lists
  • Tracking of forms available
  • Provide instant integration with MailChimp, Aweber, Constant Contact, Campaign Monitor, GetResponse, ActiveCampaign, MyEmma, Mad Mimi, Infusionsoft, Feedblitz, HubSpot, etc.

11. Nelio Content

Nelio content

If you are Looking for Automation in Social media posting or sharing, this WordPress social media plugin is the right candidate for you. Thanks to its Automation feature, you can plan or schedule Social messages.

With the help of this, you will become more organized and efficient. When you are done with your content, scheduled to be posted on your website, they are lined up in a queue and published automatically when the right time has come.

  • Multi-user- It is a Multi-user plugin and you can work on it with your team members too. Each user can be assigned a different task based on their WordPress rule.
  • Analyses the content- Nelio can also Analyse your content and pick out the most relevant phrases to create creative promotional messages.
  • Advance functionalities- loaded with new unique and advanced features in addition to basic, it makes a complete package.

12. Highlight and Share

Highlight and share plugin

The Highlight and Share plugin is one of the unique WordPress social media plugins, which offers readers to highlight the main or important content and directly share it to their social media accounts. In addition to it, you can even directly email the content.

The main advantage of this plugin is that it’s quite handy and mobile-friendly. As you know, the majority of internet traffic is from smartphones. And you won’t find any issue with it.

Some Other Best WordPress Social Media Plugins

Still didn’t find your perfect match? No need to worry! At WP Oven you will never be left with any confusion. Apart from the top 7 WordPress social media plugins, we have discussed above we have some more in our bucket. So, if you didn’t get satisfied with any of the above-mentioned plugins, then this section is completely of your interest.

We’ve listed some other best WordPress social media plugins which are no less than those we have discussed above. Kindly go through these and I’m sure today you will not go empty-handed from here. So, let’s jump down the screen!!!

S. No.Plugin NamesPricingInstallation
13.Novashare$ 24.95 – $ 124.95Official Website
14.Social Pug$ 34WordPress Directory
15.Simple Social IconsFreeWordPress Directory

Wrapping It Up

So, I hope that we have successfully cleared all your confusion about the WordPress social media plugins and made your selection process simpler. I know it becomes hard to select the best among the best. That’s why I personally suggest everyone make their own preference and requirement list before going through a list of plugins.

Just like a coin, everything in this world has 2 faces; nothing is perfect. So, don’t let other opinions influence your decision. Always choose as per your needs and requirements. Hope this article helped you to make a decision. We’ve included different plugins with unique features so that you can get the perfect one for yourself!!

If you want my own personal opinion about the best one, then AddToAny Share Buttons are my personal favorite free WordPress social media plugin. If I talk about the premium, then Social Media Share Buttons and Shared Counts both are equally favorite me. But also try out the other WordPress social media plugins.

Still, if you have any confusion, then mention it in the comments!! We never leave our audience in any confusion. Also, let us know your favorite WordPress social media plugin.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is a social media plugin?

Social media plugin is one of the most efficient ways to make your blog go viral with the use of social media buttons. These icons or buttons let you connect your blog to a variety of social media platforms in order to increase the reach and traffic of your blog. Using WordPress social media plugins, you can promote your blogs and websites on social media and grab more followers from there.

What are the benefits of using social media plugins on your website?

Yes, this is one of the most important questions that the majority of people ask us. So, we’ve listed the magical benefits of WordPress social media plugins:
1. Social media offers you social buttons which make it easy for your audience to share your content.
2. It helps you in analyzing which content impresses your audience more. It means you can judge which content will be loved more by your audience.
3. Social buttons make your website look more attractive.
4. The most amazing benefit of these plugins is that it increases the reach of your blog to a large extent.
So, these were the benefits offered by WordPress social media plugins. Now, I don’t think that after discussing this much, you will be able to say no to these plugins. So, go for it!!

Which social media plugin is best for a beginner?

It is a common question among beginners. So, in my opinion, Sassy Social Share is the best beginner-friendly WordPress social media plugin. As this plugin does not require that much time to set up and is also one of the simplest plugins to use. The best part is that it is a 100% free plugin that has a wide range of features. So, for a beginner, Sassy Social Share will be the perfect option.

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