Top 15 WordPress Booking Plugins Compared For Automating Businesses [Live Demo]

Booking an appointment is a hot lead for any business. If this type of lead comes to your business, it has a high potential to convert and adds a new customer to your business. Hence having a secure and easy method of booking dates, appointments, or scheduled calls is very important.

But, when you integrate such a system into your business, your requirements may vary. For example, a doctor would need appointment bookings to happen at a defined interval as he/she cannot see patients altogether. Similarly, a gym trainer would need to book based on the kind of training his trainee wants. These requirements vary according to different businesses.

To make it easy for you to find the best available WordPress Booking plugins, we have reviewed the most widely and trusted plugins and created this list for you. Go through them and find what fits your business’s automated bookings and appointments.

If you are in hurry, here is a quick comparison table of the best WordPress Booking plugins you can check.

Best WordPress Booking Plugins – Comparison Table 2023

WordPress Table PluginsPro version starts fromFree versionActive installsAverage rating out of 5
BookingPress$49 / yeartick1 Top 15 WordPress Booking Plugins Compared For Automating Businesses [Live Demo]3,000+4.7
Amelia$64 / yeartick1 Top 15 WordPress Booking Plugins Compared For Automating Businesses [Live Demo]50,000+4.5
WooCommerce Bookings and Appointments by Pluginhive$99 (Lifetime)cross Top 15 WordPress Booking Plugins Compared For Automating Businesses [Live Demo]NANA
Bookly$89 (Lifetime)tick1 Top 15 WordPress Booking Plugins Compared For Automating Businesses [Live Demo]60,000+4.3
Simply Schedule Appointments$99 (Lifetime)tick1 Top 15 WordPress Booking Plugins Compared For Automating Businesses [Live Demo]20,000+4.8
Gravity Forms$59 (Lifetime)cross Top 15 WordPress Booking Plugins Compared For Automating Businesses [Live Demo]NANA
Best WordPress Booking Plugin comparison table

Importance Of Having WordPress Booking Plugins On Your Websites.

If you think that having a WordPress Booking Plugin is just an option. You are just looking to test how it works, you are missing a good chance to increase your business customer leads. In this section, I will be explaining to you the importance of having a WordPress Booking Plugin on your website.

Gives a sense of scheduling or booking

Having a booking plugin integrated, gives your website visitor, a sense of opting for your service. Imagine a situation where you are offering a service over your website and directly asking them to pay.

Nobody pays you on the first interaction until and unless you are a big and trusted brand. In this case, it is very important that give an option to customers to book an appointment, a demo, a call schedule, or anything that will allow you to convince them or set a meeting time to interact.

Improves User Experience.

We just discussed above that your customer may want to interact with you before opting for your services. But, there may be situations where they don’t need any interaction and straight away go to checkout, or pay online to book an appointment, etc.

Under a similar challenge, if you provide users with an option to book a time or schedule using WordPress Booking plugin integration, it will result in a better user experience. Both users, as well as your business, will save time in talking and convincing and conversions of leads would happen over the website itself.

Easy Integration With Google Calendar

Google Calendar is one of the best ways to remind users of their booked appointment and schedule. Since, A lot of your customers must be using a Gmail id or an android phone, hence sending them a push reminder notification on their mobile phone is easy if your WordPress Booking Plugin can integrate with Google Calendar.

You can also check out our dedicated blog on “Which is the best WordPress calendar plugin for your site

Using this benefit and choosing a WordPress Booking Plugin that can integrate, would automate a lot of your tasks and make it user-friendly as well.

Allow Payment Collection With Booking.

Whatever leads are generated in your business, If those leads are hot leads who are willing to perform transactions for booking an appointment or scheduling anything at cost, plugins like WordPress Booking Plugins will add amazing monetizing value to your business.

If you or your business feel that your leads can pay for booking then you must integrate WordPress booking plugins that can accept payments.

No doubt, if you add Plugins Like WordPress Booking Plugins to your business websites, you are not only improving your user experience but at the same time, you may add a new source of generating revenue for your business. By this time, you must have realized the importance of booking plugins in WordPress. What should you ideally look for, in a WordPress Booking plugin, lets us discuss that in-depth so that you can make a better choice.

What Should An Ideal WordPress Booking Plugins Have?

Knowing that having a WordPress Booking Plugin is very important for a business like yours, it’s time to identify what is an Idea plugin of this type.

  • Your Booking plugin must have a calendar that you can customize yourself. If it can be customized, it would be easy to place anywhere on your website. [ If you know a bit of CSS, you can further customize in your own ways ]
  • If you are offering a wide range of choices before booking anything, your WordPress booking plugin must have options to customize these fields for menu and drop-down [ It should look appealing and beautiful to the user]
  • The payment acceptance feature must be there in your booking plugin. This should be present as a feature such that you can add or remove this from the front when required.
  • The booking plugin must be mobile-friendly so that its design could so the responsive version to mobile users. [Very Important]
  • Options to edit and rebook schedules/appointments etc by users must be there.
  • Multi-vendor support must be there in your WordPress Booking Plugin if you have a business where different individuals have different times and options to meet your customers.
  • Automating email features to push booking notifications on both ends is also an ideal feature that WordPress booking plugins must have.
  • Booking appointment plugins must have options to allow an owner to set the desired intervals between each schedule.

Just keep the above checklist in your mind while you are choosing an ideal booking plugin for a WordPress website.

If you are still confused that your website or business even needs to use a WordPress Booking Plugin or not, let me make it easy for you to decide. Go ahead and read more about your possibility to choose these plugins.

Does Your Business Need To Integrate A WordPress Booking Plugin?

We have already understood the importance of the Booking plugin on WordPress Websites and identified the ideal qualities of A WordPress Booking Plugin. Let us understand if you need this in your business or not. I would be considering business niches and see if that fits a Booking plugin or not. [ Make sure to read this before adding, activating, or buying any premium WordPress Booking Plugins. ]

  • If you are a practicing doctor and you want the patient to come for getting treated. You need a booking plugin to set a schedule for an appointment.
  • Considering you are a gym owner, you would not want your gym to be overcrowded. You can maintain a schedule of your customers using a schedule management WordPress booking plugin.
  • You may be running a ticket booking business for buses, trains, flights, or cabs. Here a booking Plugin with payment integration would be a wonderful use case.
  • Running a rental service for houses or hotels? No doubt, you need a booking plugin on your WordPress website.
  • Are you an event-based company, organizing parties or large-size events? In that case, you may need ticket booking facilities to take part in an event. You must choose an event booking plugin for this.
  • Running a consulting firm? In consulting, you always talk before both parties agree to get down to any monetary exchanges and benefits. You must have some consulting booking options on your website.
  • Real estate businesses should always consider a WordPress Booking Plugin over their WordPress website. It will help you schedule calls or site visits. Since it’s a high-ticket business, booking system integration is always preferred.

So we see that WordPress Booking Plugins have massive use cases in a lot of businesses. Always ask yourself, if adding such an option would add value to your business or not. If you get an answer of yes, just go for adding and activating the best option. We have shared the best WordPress Booking plugins list in this blog. Go ahead and find FREE and Premium plugins to choose from.

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In-depth Analysis of Top 13 WordPress Booking Plugins.

Yes, it’s time to check out all the best WordPress Booking Plugins that can really transform the user experience of your WordPress website.

We tested 30 different WordPress Booking Plugins on our test websites to check

  • How do they work?
  • What features do they offer?
  • How easy are their installation and setup?
  • What kind of compatibility do they need?
  • How frequently they are updated?
  • What amount of loading time do they consume?
  • How good they are at customizing?
  • Analysis of their integration with 3rd party tools.

So, hold your belts tight as we are going to give you massive actionable information about the 12 WordPress Booking Plugin that we found worth integrating into any WordPress Website.

1. BookingPress

Booking Press

BookingPress is a feature-rich and simple-to-use free WordPress booking plugin. It’s suitable for any service-based business website. It’s more adaptable and packed with valuable features that make the online appointment booking procedure on your booking website work more smoothly.

BookingPress is a feature-rich and simple-to-use free WordPress booking plugin. It’s suitable for any service-based business website.

It’s more adaptable and packed with valuable features that make the online appointment booking procedure on your booking website work more smoothly.

You may create and manage bookings straight from the admin dashboard, without the need for a third-party plugin.

BookingPress Amazing features:

  • Excellent admin dashboard
  • Great UI and UX
  • Payments can be made online using PayPal
  • Translation ready (In-built translations for German, Dutch, Russian, French, and Arabic languages.)
  • In-built anti-spam protection for more site security
  • Customizable Email notification
  • Options for Quick and Easy Setup

Salons, spas, tutors, barbershops, consultants, wedding planners, and other businesses will benefit from the BookingPress Plugin.

Pricing of BookingPress

You can use the Free version of BookingPress from the WordPress directory. But if you like to use its premium features, go for their paid plans starting at $69 per year and going up to $249 per year.

2. Amelia

Amelia Booking

Amelia comes at top of our list of WordPress Booking plugins. It gives you an opportunity to completely automate your Booking system over the website. Amelia is best for any niche business or enterprise website. The best part is, that you can start using it for FREE.

You get a demo of how does its front end and back end looks like. You can go through its demo and understand its usability.

Amelia’s features and advantages it offers.

  • It has a very unique user-friendly interface with book backend and front-end control optimization with an easy booking interface.
  • You can notify your customers and employees of every booking through its SMS Integration facility.
  • You can set custom service scheduling for bookings and appointments.
  • With every booking, you can also set up booking forms to take input from your customers.
  • Connecting ZOOM for video calling appointments is easy with amelia with the zoom integration feature.
  • Your employees get notifications on their calendars with amelia’s potential to sync with google calendar. You can also sync it with outlook.
  • With step by step wizard, you can also create a multi-step booking process.
  • If you are looking to have a recurring appointment WordPress booking plugin then this is the best choice.
  • Amelia has the capacity to integrate with your woocommerce store. So, if you are selling some service and want to schedule the sales, amelia can integrate with your woocommerce and do that.
  • You can also display the catalog to your customer while they are on this booking page integrated with amelia.
  • Amelia gives you a complete dashboard setup from where you can control, manage, search, or filter data.
  • Geolocation features help you in managing an automated booking system for an international audience.
  • Managing time for pre and post-booking for managing the cancellation is possible with this WordPress booking plugin.
  • You also get the flexibility to manage your own email SMTP servers for notifications.
  • It supports payment with Paypal and Stripe integrations.
  • You can easily manage your customer database, and offer coupons,s or offers to your customers with its advanced feature set.
  • Amelia is GDPR Compliant WordPress Booking Plugin.
  • It offers webhooks for any 3rd party integration.
  • You get separate dashboards from employee and customer management in this Plugins management system.

So many features to grab in a single package, that Amelia is bound to be our favorite WordPress Booking Plugin.

Pricing Of Amelia

Amelia is a FREE WordPress Booking Plugin for most of its features while you may need to upgrade to the paid version if you want to use its advanced features starting at $64 Annually for a single website and going up to $150 per year for unlimited domains. It also has Lifetime deal pricing.


3. WooCommerce Bookings and Appointments by Pluginhive

WooCommerce Bookings and Appointments by Pluginhive

If you have a woocommerce-built WordPress website then you can consider this Woocommerce booking and appointments plugin by Pluginhive. It is the best in WordPress Booking Plugins features when it comes to booking time, products, and services.

Supporting multi-niche business owners and vendors, you can easily integrate this plugin into your woocommerce website and start getting your booking in a matter of clicks from your customers.

The best part of this plugin is that you can change your product listing into bookable resources. For example, if you have listed your hotel rooms as a product, you would definitely want buyers to choose rooms and services, the time, etc related to hotel booking and then allow buyers to checkout.

In a normal product listing with the woocommerce plugin, you won’t get this but by integrating this WordPress booking plugin, you can manage your booking.

Not only the hotel industry, any business that needs input from buyers before making any purchase or booking time, schedule anything, must try using this plugin.

Features of Woocommerce Booking and Appointment Plugin

With so many features to offer, let us list all of these here for you.

  • Booking is possible according to minutes, hours, days, and months.
  • Multiday booking features are available.
  • Multiple booking for the same time slot is possible.
  • You can control the minimum and maximum days of booking.
  • Rule-based Cancellation of booking an appointment can be done.
  • Booking approval and cancellation can be done from the admin end.
  • You can add an option of check-in and check-out [ Best feature for hotel industries ]
  • Google Calendar Sync feature is there.
  • The staff management system is supported by this WordPress Booking plugin
  • You can set email reminders for upcoming bookings.
  • You can also set email notifications for new bookings, cancellations, and confirmations.
  • A dynamic cost booking setting is also available in this plugin.
  • Allows buffer time between two bookings. (Flexible Buffer After/Before a Booking)
  • You can add an option to get custom information from customers as notes by adding and activating an additional field.
  • Timezone-based conversion is possible.
  • With WPML you can manage multi-language website visitors.
  • Accept payments via woocommerce integration.

Pricing Of Woocommerce Booking and Appointment Plugin by Pluginhive

This WordPress Booking Plugin has a free version with limited features but definitely good to integrate and use. For advanced features, you may need to upgrade to the premium version starting at $99 for a single website and going up to $259 for 25 websites.

They have a 30-day money-back guarantee policy with 1 year of support and updates if you upgrade to premium.

4. Bookly


Bookly is one of the best fits to automate your booking management system over any WordPress website. This plugin comes with FREE-to-use features while you can always upgrade to its premium features to improve and give a better user experience to your customers and users.

This WordPress Booking Plugin is best for businesses who want to start with FREE booking. If you have plans to accept payments for booking then be ready to pay a fee for that.

This plugin has all modern features with good frontend and backend control to manage your booking systems. You don’t need any coding knowledge to get started with this plugin. Simply install, and do the necessary setup as per their documentation [Can be done without reading the doc as well]

If you are a new or small business and can’t afford to hire a developer to set up your booking process then bookly is something you should look for.

Features of Bookly WordPress Booking Plugin

Let us understand what features this plugin has to offer

  • Integrate a booking management system with no coding knowledge.
  • Manage group booking.
  • Setting recurring booking and appointment systems.
  • Get email notifications integrated with an inbuilt SMS notification feature.
  • Easy integration with google calendar.
  • Allows a coupon system and facility to offer to your customers for booking.
  • You can also create a widget with this plugin that’s integral in the sidebar.
  • With payment settings, adding a revenue collection system is easy.
  • Multi-language support – 12 languages included
  • They have Built-in analytics with booking statistics.
  • This plugin is also woocommerce compatible.

Pricing Of Bookly WordPress Booking Plugin

As we mentioned earlier, it is a FREE WordPress plugin with its payment feature as an option in its premium plan.

You can directly install this plugin by going to add a new plugin from your WordPress dashboard and get started.

If you are planning to use its paid version then you have two alternatives to do so.

  • Buying it from their website directly.
  • Buying the same plugin from code canyon at $89 for Lifetime License.

Our recommendation would be to start with the FREE plan if you are starting a new one.

5. Simply Schedule Appointments

Simple Schedule Appointments

This plugin is one of its kind when you are running a scheduling or pre-booking business with WordPress. It offers both Free as well as premium version plugins for advanced features and integrations.

When you want to use some smart features like google calendar sync, custom fields, Mailchimp integration, etc, then you can think of upgrading to its premium option starting at $99 (Plus Edition).

If you are running your business on WordPress and wish to grow your scheduling with a flawless and glitch-free error then this is your best option. It would hardly take 5 minutes for you to set up this plugin on your website if you follow their setup wizard.

The best point about this plugin is that it is compatible with all the famous page builders like Elementor, Divi, and Beaver builder. This plugin gives you a Custom CSS Design option to sync your website builder design with your Booking plugin. In the end, this is a pure fact that their support team is there for you consistently to offer solutions and fixes if you are facing any issues with this WordPress Booking Plugin.

Features of Simply Schedule Appointments

With so many good things to know, let us have a look at its features.

  • The only plugin to offer an unlimited booking feature.
  • Offer a free option to design your form according to your website builder design.
  • Getting upfront payment is easy as this plugin allows integration with payment gateways.
  • You get awesome updates in this customer feedback software plugin as most of the updates come from customer feedback or request.
  • They integrate with over 15+ other tools including Gravity Forms, LifterLMS, and more.

Pricing of Simply Schedule Appointments

This is a FREE plugin as we mentioned earlier but some features come in as advanced options to choose from. These features come at a certain cost starting at $99 and going up to $299.

6. Gravity Forms

gravity forms logo

This plugin is one of its kind when you are running a scheduling or pre-booking business with WordPress. It offers both Free as well as premium version plugins for advanced features and integrations.

This is a pure drag and drops WordPress Booking Plugin. You can customize your booking plugin the way you want.

With its advanced inbuilt features for push notification and reminder settings, it is loved by developers and WordPress-based businesses.

Yes, like most other plugins, the payment gateways are also present for pre-filtering bookings with upfront payments.

Let’s have a quick look at what features this form offered as a WordPress Booking Plugin.

Features of Gravity Form Booking Plugin

  • They give you an intuitive embed form for inquiry-based booking.
  • The custom field setup option is something that is awesome in this plugin.
  • You can give conditional logic in order to make inquiry requests from people.
  • Push notification, email, and SMS reminder feature you get with gravity form.
  • Your customers can save partially filled forms and can submit them later.
  • You can perform calculations based on submitted fields by users.
  • The gravity form allows you to let your users upload files.
  • Limit the number of entries.
  • Filtering spam is easy with gravity form.
  • Creating a mobile-friendly booking form with the gravity form WordPress Booking plugin is super easy.
  • You get integration with payment gateways, dropbox, Mailchimp, and many more powerful tools to make the booking process very easy.

Pricing Of Gravity Form WordPress Booking Plugin.

The gravity form comes with a paid premium plan in order to enjoy some of its advanced features. They don’t have any free plans for a trial. The pricing is a one-time payment for annual plans only.

There is no subscription pricing. You can buy this plugin for 1 site or multiple sites depending on your requirements.

The starter plan comes at $29 per year which is only for 1 website. For unlimited options, you will have to upgrade to the elite plan where you get everything at $129 per Year.

Other Best WordPress Booking Plugin Comparision

There are abundant WordPress Booking Plugins to choose from. We are listing all

SL. No.Plugin Name Starting PriceInstallation
7. BirchPress Scheduler$99-$249From Website
8.WooCommerce Bookings$249From Website
9.Calendarist$89From Website & Codecanyon
10. WooCommerce Appointments$89-$299 From Website
11.Booking Calendar Contact Form€0-€149 From Website
12.Booked$29From Codecanyon
13.Booking CalendarFREEWordPress Directory
14.Team Booking$29From Codecanyon
Best WordPress Booking Plugin Comparision

The above other recommended plugins are also a good option to choose from. They are all paid plugins with good and advanced features to integrate WordPress Booking plugin over your WordPress website.

If you are looking for a feature-rich booking software that provides more than just a WordPress plugin, Baluu is certainly an option you should be considering.

It offers well-designed, and fully brandable front-end booking tools for your WordPress site (which can be integrated as an iframe). Their timetable view is particularly popular as customers can choose a date and book with ease – payment processing is included with the tool (Visa, Mastercard, Google & Apple pay, etc.). 

You can display all your events and availability on one clear page and customers absolutely love the ease of use and great UX of this tool.

As well as front-end booking pages, Baluu also comes with a myriad of handy back-end tools to take the hassle out of running any booking business. Analytics, multiple ticket options, and custom forms come as standard. It’s also incredibly easy to reschedule bookings and your customers will receive auto updates as things change.

It’s totally free to use (limited to 50 bookings per month) if you go over 50, you’ll need to upgrade – prices on more advanced plans start at a low of $17 a month. 

What WordPress Plugin Should You Choose Finally?

We shared 15 of the best WordPress Booking Plugins to Choose From. Still, if you are a bit confused then we can tell you our final recommendations to select.

  • If your website is Woocommerce dependent then choose – Woocom booking appointments, bookly or WooCommerce Bookings.
  • If you are just starting and looking for a FREE option – Bookly, Calendarista, booking calendar, and Booking calendar contact form.
  • For custom code free plugin with good features and design – Bookly, Simply Schedule Appointments.
  • For 3rd party booking syncs like Airbnb or – Use the Booking Calendar plugin.
  • Running a motel or hotel? – Motopress
  • For linking payment Gateway like Paypal for FREE- Choose the Appointment Booking Calendar plugin.
  • For premium product plugins with less cost plugin – Amelia is best.

Hope you had gone through the top 6 WordPress booking plugins that we recommended earlier. Do give a read at WPOven Reviews on WordPress plugins to make a decision and also share your valuable thoughts in the comment section below.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create a WordPress booking system?

You can create a WordPress booking system with the help of any WordPress booking plugin. Here are some of them:
1. BookingPress
2. Booking Calendar
3. Woocommerce Bookings
4. Amelia
5. Team Booking

Which website builder is best for bookings?

Although there are plenty of options available on the internet. But it would be great if you host your website on a Managed server, use WordPress as CMS and use Free booking plugins to create your booking website without any limitations.

How to Add an Online Booking System to Your Website Share

There are plenty of options available out there, the most popular ones are listed below:
1. Use a WordPress Booking plugin
2. Direct users to an external booking website
3. Use an API
4. Use custom code
5. Use booking iFrame

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