How to Edit Footer in WordPress in 3 Easy Steps?

Beginners who have recently started to learn to build WordPress sites often do not know How to edit footer in WordPress. They do not even know how to use the footer space efficiently to make an impactful WordPress site.

There are various different ways through which beginners or web admins can efficiently use the footer space. Such as you can add links to your privacy policy page, terms, and conditions, add social media links or icons, an About page link, and many more.

Or you may like to remove the WordPress brand line Proudly Powered by WordPress. Whatever the reason, in this article, we will let you know How to edit footer in WordPress using step by step method.

But before we directly started the steps, first let us clear some basic points on WordPress footers.


As you have seen in the above post, editing the footer in WordPress is not that difficult and complicated. There are various methods available through which you can edit your footer and the best part was none of the methods was lengthy and hardly took a few minutes to do.

Through these methods, you will be easily able to customize your footer section of the website and add maps, social media icons, and other various widgets. Even, if your current theme doesn’t provide you with many options to customize the footer section you can still use third-party editing tools such as Elementor.

Similarly, if you know any other best tool, plugin, or method to edit the footer in WordPress, do let us know in the comment section below.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I edit headers and footers in WordPress?

Although there are various methods available through which you can easily edit headers and footers in WordPress, the easiest and simplest method is, Go to your WordPress dashboard > Appearance > Customize. If you are looking forward to adding code in the footer section, you can use the headers and footer plugin or you can directly add the code in the footer.php file (not recommended).

How do I edit the copyright footer in any WordPress theme?

The first step is to Go to Your WordPress Dashboard > Appearance > Customize. Now a customize page will appear, in which you have to click on Footer or Footer Builder, where you will be able to edit the copyright text easily.

What is a footer in WordPress?

A WordPress footer is the bottom area or space after the main website body content. It is not much different from the header; you will find a footer on every page of your website.

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