What is a VPS? An Ultimate Guide to Virtual Private Servers

What is a VPS? Let’s get into this! When you are planning to have a website of your own or for your business, one of the initial things you must be looking for is a suitable web host. And in this vast competitive zone, as a beginner, you must have come across various web hosting options and some terms related to them that may sound alien to you (if you are not a technical person, on average the majority of the people are not). One of the terms that must have also been heard a lot is “VPS” or “VPS hosting“.

But as a beginner you do not need to worry about it, in this post we will try to cover every aspect of VPS hosting, such as What is VPS Hosting, how it works, etc., in detail.

So, are you ready to learn everything about What is a VPS?

What is a VPS or Virtual Private Server?

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server, which is a type of web hosting in which it acts like a Dedicated hosting within the shared server in other words you can say, a powerful single server is being split into multiple virtual small servers.

Here, the word “Private” word means, the split small virtual server is reserved only for you and you will no longer have to share your server resources such as RAM, storage, CPU, bandwidth, etc. with any other user.

Types of VPS Hosting

There are different types of VPS hosting available targeting different users for their different interests. So, to get a better idea about different types of VPS hosting that help you select the right VPS hosting that matches your requirements, check out the list given below:

1. Unmanaged VPS Hosting

In unmanaged VPS hosting, your web hosting provider will have the only charge to install the Operating System (OS), while the other aspects of web hosting will be completely managed by you. Such as,

  • Installing all the essential software, keeping up with the control panel, and updating software.
  • You will be responsible for website monitoring, implementing security systems, detecting threats, and fixing errors.
  • In case anything happens wrong or the server fails, there will be limited support provided by your host.
  • You will have to take website backups manually on your own.
  • You will have to configure your server settings and make changes or upgrade them yourself.

Hence, this type of VPS hosting is generally highly recommended to technical professionals or web developers, who have a strong technical background.

2. Managed VPS hosting

Beginners, Hobbyists, or general people who have no technical knowledge can have the advantage of using Managed VPS hosting. In this type of hosting, the engineers and developers make things easier and simpler for website owners by taking responsibility for upkeep and looking after all the essential aspects of the VPS hosting on their shoulders. These are the features and advantages you will have while hosting your website on a managed VPS server:

  • Server setup: When hosting your website, all the crucial settings will be properly configured by your host. The complete initial server setup will be done including installing the Operating system, some software, a control panel, and important tools.
  • Security: The web host will be responsible for providing excellent security features for your website including SSL certificates, Firewalls, and security patches for your OS and core CMS you are using.
  • Regular Updates: All core software updates, plugin updates, and OS updates will be carried by your web host directly.
  • Regular Monitoring: Your website will be regularly monitored by your website for any possible threats, any signs of system failure, and malicious attacks 24/7.
  • Automatic Backup system: If anything goes south with your website or your website has been damaged, you can easily retrieve it like it was before.
  • Premium Support: You will be provided with dedicated premium support from a team of experts available 24/7.

Apart from all these, there are a lot more features and services being offered by many Managed VPS hosts.

3. Windows VPS hosting

Windows VPS hosting is just like any other VPS hosting but the only thing that makes it different from others is its hosting software which uses Windows technology.

Advantages of Windows VPS hosting

  • A long-standing relationship between businesses and the Windows operating system.
  • Long-term framework support from a big brand like Windows itself.
  • Windows VPS also tends to offer more flexible and variable options for web administrators.

4. Cloud VPS hosting

Cloud VPS hosting is a network of multiple servers in which server resources are made virtually available to a website over the internet through a cloud hosting provider.

The benefit of Cloud VPS hosting

  • Increased Security
  • Allocate private resources to the website.
  • You will have full control over the server
  • You can customize VPS and have a peace of mind experience
  • Blazing fast loading speed

How does Virtual Private Server Hosting work?

VPS or Virtual Private Server provides a dedicated hosting environment even though you are using the shared physical server. Web host companies use special software called hypervisor with the help of which they implement a virtual layer on the main operating system and split it into further small virtual servers.

This splitting process creates a virtual wall across multiple small virtual servers and gives permission to each user to install their own OS and other essential software. This ultimately helps in creating a truly private server that is virtually independent of the parent server in terms of OS level too.

Since the split multiple virtual servers are separated from each other, the files are also separated from other users on the OS level, due to which it acts as a true private/dedicated server.

It means your website will have its own server resources such as disk space, RAM, CPU, etc. within a secure server, and no need to share it with others.

At WPoven, we provide the fastest fully Managed VPS cloud hosting with all the features that we have mentioned earlier along with some special features at very affordable rates.

You will have:

  • Up to 100% SLA
  • Server Level in RAM cache for incredible speed
  • Datacenters available globally
  • Worldwide CDN
  • Free SSL certificate for all sites
  • Firewalls and Bot protection
  • Custom interactive Panel
  • Premium Addons and many more.

You can have all these features at a very low price starting at $16.61 per month.

How is VPS Hosting different from Dedicated Hosting and Shared Hosting?

A complete comparison between the three most popular types of web hosting you will find on the internet. And ultimately you will be able to learn what aspects of VPS hosting are different from the rest of the others.

VPS Hosting

  • A parent server is virtually split into multiple parts that behave like a dedicated server of their own.
  • You can install your own security software. However, it is vulnerable if any of the websites get compromised on the same server.
  • Fast website performance with high loading speeds.
  • An affordable yet powerful type of hosting
  • Best known for scalability.
  • If you choose unmanaged VPS, server configuration and its maintenance can be very difficult.

Dedicated Hosting

  • Entire physical server space is being allocated or reserved for a single website to host.
  • You will have complete control of your server and its security. You can install any software to protect your website without depending on others.
  • Incredible Fast loading speeds and website performance.
  • The most expensive type of hosting
  • For Scalability, you will be required to add extra drives to the existing server. This can be an expensive and time-consuming process and it can also cause downtime.
  • You will require technical knowledge to configure settings and maintain the server.

Shared Hosting

  • Physical server space and its resources are being shared by multiple websites at the same time.
  • You will not have much control over server security and your website will be at high risk if any of the other websites on the same server get compromised.
  • Average loading speed and performance.
  • Cheapest type of web hosting
  • Difficult to scale due to limited storage and bandwidth
  • It is beginner-friendly web hosting and anyone can easily get started with it.

Pros and Cons of VPS Hosting

Now, let us check out the pros and cons of having VPS hosting for your websites:


  • VPS hosting is best known for its high level of scalability.
  • The cost of VPS hosting is quite expensive as compared to shared hosting but a little cheaper than that of dedicated hosting. But the value it provides completely satisfies its price.
  • Offers better security features.
  • If you choose managed VPS hosting, you do not have to worry much and have a peace of mind web hosting experience.
  • High performance with excellent loading time


  • It can be more expensive or expensive as compared to shared hosting.
  • Even if it provides better security features, your website will still be vulnerable if anything happens to other websites on the same server.
  • If you choose unmanaged VPS hosting, it will be a difficult and time taking process for you to configure your server settings and make things run.
  • You will not have absolutely complete control over your server as compared to dedicated hosting.
  • You will be required technical knowledge to set up your VPS server.

When should you Switch to VPS?

The best way to answer this most generic question is to go through your website and make an overall assessment such as:

1. You Are Skeptical About Your Website Security

If website security is your utmost priority and want to offer a completely secure payment option to your customers but are not satisfied with the security features of the current web host you can switch to VPS. You will be provided with advanced monitoring capabilities, anti-hacking support, Automatic backups, and reliability which helps to provide a strong shield on your website.

2. Your website traffic volume started to increase

When starting a website, beginners prefer to host their website on a shared host, due to its low cost and low traffic. But when time passes by and your website audience starts to grow, at this moment you should start considering upgrading. You won’t like your visitors to experience poor website performance and it can also negatively impact your website SEO.

3. Continuously Showing Poor Website Speed and Performance

When you have initially hosted your website on cheap shared hosting, it cannot be able to provide consistent performance and speed throughout the time and when your website grows and you add more content to it, you will notice a consistent downfall in your website loading time.

If these signs are showing on your website, it is a hint that you have exhausted your limits. Switching to VPS will let you scale your website without compromising on its speed.

4. You are Running an E-commerce Store

When you have decided to start an eCommerce store or plan to convert your existing website into an online store. At this point, you must also consider upgrading your hosting plan. It is because in VPS hosting you will have high-end security features that would be beneficial to protect all online transactions on your website.

Especially if you are accepting various payment options such as credit cards or online banking services, you want to take all precautions and safety measures in order to protect your customer’s financial data. Apart from all this, it can also easily sustain a high volume of traffic without affecting your eCommerce website’s performance during sales.

Since VPS hosting has better security features and capabilities than shared hosting, it is one of the best hosting options available out there for eCommerce websites.

5. If You cannot afford Dedicated Hosting

It is true that dedicated hosting can resolve the majority of website problems, but it is also important to keep in mind that dedicated hosting comes with an expensive price tag. If you need almost the same features as dedicated hosting such as high-end security, better bandwidth, dedicated RAM, and resources at a very affordable price, VPS hosting is the best option.

6. If You Need Control Over Your Server

No doubt, shared hosting is a great option for beginners who build their websites with WordPress or any other common CMS. But after some time, you reach a certain point at which you will be required to do certain customizations and need more control over your server, which is impossible to happen in shared hosting.

Installing custom software, customizing server configuration, or running integrative programs, can be only possible in either VPS or dedicated hosting.

How much does VPS Cost?

VPS hosting costs can vary from one host to another depending on various factors such as,

  • Bandwidth they provide
  • Host’s level of Support and services
  • Type of Server technology used
  • Security features provided
  • Additional features provided in the overall package

Overall, whatever the features a VPS host provides you, you can expect to pay more than that of shared hosting plans offered but surely less than dedicated hosting plans.

To help you correctly estimate the VPS cost, you check out our hosting plan and features as well as their comparison with other VPS hosting plans available.


VPS and VPN are two different terms always misunderstood by their almost similar names. A VPN or Virtual Private Network is a special arrangement that is used for keeping your online data and activity private or anonymous when browsing the internet.

Whereas, a VPS or Virtual Private Server is a service provided by various hosting companies to host a website or any application. While both these terms are used to connect to the Web but are used for entirely different purposes.


You have successfully made it all the way to this ultimate guide on what is VPS. Now, at this moment, we are pretty sure all your doubts must be cleared about VPS and you are no longer a beginner now.

Summarizing the above guide in short: if you are not satisfied with the current performance and loading time of your website or if your website is growing and started to get a high volume of traffic. It means it is time to upgrade your current hosting plan to a VPS.

Since the VPS hosting plans are a little costlier than shared hosting, the outcome you will get is worth every single penny. Now you must be wondering which VPS host to choose. Without any second thought, Choose WPOven! Our Managed VPS hosting plans start at just $16.61 per month with all the premium features you won’t find in anyone else.

Finally, if you find this guide helpful and informative, please do let us know in the comment section below!

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a VPS do?

VPS or Virtual Private Server is a hosting service in which a server is being split virtually into multiple servers which act as an individual dedicated server.

Is a VPS the same as a VPN?

No, VPS and VPN are completely two different terms used for two different purposes. VPS or Virtual Private Server is a type of hosting service used to host websites and applications. Whereas, VPN or Virtual Private Network is a special arrangement that helps to browse the internet securely and anonymously.

Is VPS free?

No, VPS is a semi-premium type of hosting service which comes with a costlier price tag as compared to shared hosting with some premium features of dedicated hosting.

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