Wix Market Share 2024 [Detailed Statistics]

Wix is one of the earliest and steady competitors in the CMS market. And since then Wix market share has been on the rise. Established in early 2006, it is one of the most advertised platforms yet you have come across. Apart from this, let us see How many website owners will be signing up for this platform?

To be specific and in brief:

  1. Wix is the potential contenter in the CMS market and is likely to grow its fanbase.
  2. Wix market share will also continue to increase in coming years.

Usually, I don’t make statements without any prior analysis or evidence. Hence, to support the above statements, I have mentioned some worthy stats and information about Wix market share from various sources and compared it with its leading competitors. Analyzing all the facts and data then I come to some conclusions about its future.

Wix market share: Wix current position

As per the recent reports by a leading website Builtwith, there are currently over 4.5 million live websites using Wix. And according to W3techs Wix holds 6th position of leading content management system in the world, just after Joomla.

Wix market share
Wix market share

For many users, Wix’s position on the 4th won’t look great. But it is also important for anyone to compare it with complete user volume. It is simply outranked by some of the leading CMS in the market such as WordPress (1st position), Shopify(2nd position), and Joomla (3rd position). These are the three most popular Content Management systems available and aligning with them is another great deal for any CMS.

You can clearly see in the image above, Wix market share is on the internet is about 1.8% whereas the Wix market share in the whole CMS is 2.8%, which you cannot neglect, since the internet has billions of websites. Reaching these figures is itself Wix has achieved to outrank some of other popular CMS/website builders such as Squarespace, Drupal, and Blogger.

What is Wix is all about?

One of the main questions that anyone might have been confused about, whether Wix is a website builder or a Content Management System? Wix has both the traits of a Website builder as well as a Content management system and to answer, this particular question is a somewhat a kind mixture of both yes and no. Wix works as a Content Management system as it let users manage their content online. In addition to it, it also enables users to design their website as well, hence also termed as a Website builder.

If you still want to know the exact answer, then it can only be described as How you are going to use it. But mainly with its simple and very useful tools, people generally consider it as a website builder. This simply means it provides users drag and drop editing tool for website design and creating content, without any knowledge of complex coding/programming. This is what you will not expect from a completely Content Management service like WordPress.

Considering all the above facts, for you to better understand, we are providing you with more data on Wix from a legit source BuiltWith. This online stat and data website is quite useful and provides you insights and market share of various software available on the internet. Similarly, we are providing you Wix market share in the whole Content Management Market.

Wix market share among all the CMS on the internet
Wix market share among all the website builders

From the above Pie chart, it is clearly visible that Wix is completely dominating the chart by 32%. Wix’s market share outranks even the other leading popular website builders such as Squarespace, Weebly, and GoDaddy Website Builder.

Future of Wix market Share

Nobody exactly tells you about what will be the market in the future and What will be the future Wix market share? On the basis of present data and Marketing trends, we can only anticipate what would happen. But one thing we can assure is that Wix market share has shown some remarkable growth in the past few years will continue at the same speed in the coming years.

When considering Wix’s past data, in the year 2013 Wix market share was less than 0.1% of CMS’s market share. But in 2016 Wix market share turned out to be 0.2% of CMS’s market share, which become double in just a span of three years. This is quite an impressive result, especially for a CMS which is new in the market.

Following the same year, Wix’s market share reached 0.3% and rises up to 0.4% of the CMS market. This shows a slow but steady growth of the Wix market share. But the turning point came into the year 2019, in which Wix’s market share has crossed the 1.0% market share mark, in 2020 it has reached 1.3% and in October 2021 it has reached 1.8%.

You can refer to the below table showing historical trends in the usage of content management systems since Jan 2011. from which we have made an analysis.

Historical trends of Wix market share from the year 2011
Wix market share from the year 2011

The above graph shows historical yearly trends in the usage statistics of content management systems since Jan 2011. You can see Wix has steady and consistent growth. In fact, if everything goes well and continues at the same usage rate, Wix market share will also expand at the same rate. It would be interesting to look forward to how it performs in the future.

Wix market share comparision with its competitors

As far now, from the above graphs and tables, you can conclude that Wix market share has shown steady growth. But what about comparing Wix with its competitors. How does it appear when you compare its popularity with other leading CMS or website builders?

From the above statistics which is showing usage statistics of the content management systems, you can see how several popular platforms have shown a decline with certain points in their growth rate. For instance from the year 2018 to 2021, Drupal and Joomla have shown some drastic decrease in their growth.

Whereas, in the same time span, Wix gained popularity from 0.4% to 1.8%. Though Wix is still not at the top of the list the results show it has a high potential to become one of the leaders of the Website builder market. However, it is also to be noted that not all platforms are quite the same. Since in our other posts, we have already compared different CMS/website builders and differentiated between them. Such as Wix vs Squarespace or Wix vs WordPress. But some CMS like Shopify and Magento are e-commerce oriented builders.

Now first, let us compare the two leading competitors Wix vs Squarespace. Both the platforms provide user-friendly Website builder tools with the help of which you can design different types of websites. Hence, the best tool to compare both platforms across the web is Google Trends.

Wix vs Squarespace
Wix market share: Wix vs Squarespace

From the above graph generated using google trends, you can see how people are showing interest on both platforms from 2019 to 2021. During this time, Wix is consistently going ahead of the Squarespace and it seems it will continue the same flow. If everything things go well and the graph continues like that, a time will definitely come when Squarespace Market will end and Wix turned out to be a new leader.

Wix knows better how to do marketing. You must have seen their advertisements in your TV ads, celebrity endorsements, Youtube ads, banner ads, and many more areas. They just want to cover a wide area of the audience. all these efforts didn’t go vain and Wix ended up holding their positing in the top list of Best website builders.

But Wix is a really big company or it’s just the advertisement. let us find out more about incoming sections be with us.

Popularity of Wix

Wix gained their popularity due to its user-friendly features that other website builders are unable to provide.

Some Key Features of Using Wix

  • A guided process of planning your eCommerce site to meet business needs. 
  • A simple way to track sales and scale your campaigns and business progress
  • Optimized online monitoring for various aspects of your business
  • Safe options for managing your website and conducting security audits
  • Direct contact with expert support offered by Wpoven dedicated to ease your experience. 


  • Wix offers a wide variety of free templates – even on the cheapest plan which is free.
  • The drag and drop interface appears to become easier with every development update, saving time in creating a website. No special skills are needed to use Wix features, and with a little tech-savviness, you can build an amazing site for your business. 
  • It is easy to integrate plugins on Wix, they are all in a single app store that allows you to easily integrate the plugins into your website. 
  • The blog features a user-friendly blog editor and has integrated SEO features to improve and enhance your SEO rankings.


  • The drag and drop design features are incredibly limited and can seem backward for the more advanced web designer. 
  • The themes tend to be difficult to completely customize to suit a brand, thus limiting design options. 
  • Only limited features for blogging are available. The post editor is not ideal if you are looking for something completely customizable.
  • You need to separately edit the mobile and web view of your website which can be time-consuming and it can be challenging to achieve a complementary look.

Awards that Wix has won for different categories:

  1. The most popular on the Entire Internet in Hosted Solution category.
  2. 5th most popular in the Top 1Million sites in Hosted Solution category.
  3. 10th most popular in the Top 10K sites in Hosted Solution category.
  4. 10th most popular in the Top 100K sites in Hosted Solution category.

Wix Shares are increasing by 200%

When considering Wix share, back in 2013 when Wix registered themselves as a company in public, the price of the single share was worth $17.30. But in Oct 2021 it has become $197.40.

Wix share rising
Wix market share worth

I hope, you have already made an investment into it at the right time.

Wix total Revenue generation in 2021

The company made a whopping 1.2 billion in revenue in 2021 and 5600 employees are working worldwide.

Wix revenue 2021
Source: Owler

And it is also not very easy to compare it with its competitors such as Squarespace. But in 2021, Squarespace has generated revenue of $710.3 M with funding of $2.6 Billion.

Wix marketing budget is almost $100M per year

You must not be surprised to know how much Wix spent on marketing. It is ab obvious that you must have seen their advertisements on almost every source of media. Hence their marketing budget is like in Millions. Wix is good at marketing and advertising, so they spend about $100 per year. The amount they spend well justifies their Superbowl ads and unskippable Youtube ads.

Wix still has higher search volumes

Apart from Wix’s aggressive marketing campaigns and advertisements, these efforts helped a lot in waking up the curiosity among users to google it and know more about Wix.

Wix google search volume
Wix search volume

According to Google Keyword Planner, the keyword “Wix” type into Google search bar more than its other competitor

According to Ahrefs, it’s typed into Google more than twice as much as Shopify. (Although, like WordPress, Shopify is not exactly a direct competitor, as it is only for ecommerce.)

  • Wix: 6.8M
  • Shopify: 3.1M
  • Squarespace: 1.4M
  • Weebly: 946K

But speaking of e-commerce….

Wix market Share in Ecommerce industry

Screenshot 17 Wix Market Share 2024 [Detailed Statistics]

From the above image you can see, how Wix has just made it to the top 10 most used e-commerce solutions. Though the position of Wix is at the 10th position, you must one thing keep in mind that above all the other 9 platforms are specifically made for e-commerce platforms. But Squarespace add to cart is one of the exceptions.

Since the beginning of this post, you must have seen, Wix’s position was so close with the Squarespace but now there is quite a big gap between their positions in the list. It simply means Squarespace has more popularity in terms of e-commerce than Wix.

However, in any case, if you think Squarespace has an advantage over Wix due to their pricing and plans, then both platforms enable you to build an e-commerce store with a plan of, Wix starts at $14 to $39 per month and square space starts at $12 to $40 per month.

Comparing Wix with WordPress

When we talk about the popularity meter, Wix is not even slightly closer to WordPress. Let us compare WordPress and Wix along with some other Page builders on google trends and see how they have been trending on the internet in the years 2020-2021.

However Google Trends is not precise tool but it is worth to try, let us check out:

Google trends showing Wix, WordPress,Squarespace, Weebly and Shopify
Google users interest

From the above graph, you can see how Wix and Shopify are battling with each other neck to neck in terms of Google. But you can clearly see WordPress is way ahead of all these CMS

What are the future planning for Wix market share to expand?

Apart from running aggressively advertising and marketing campaigns, Wix is trying to exam their market by adding two more products:

  1. Velo: It is an advanced platform where coders or developers can create web applications and deliver it directly to their clients.
  2. Editor X: A more customizable option for users to build websites that provide more flexibility and options than the current editor. It mainly focuses on the professional web designers and Agencies who like to design their webiste without any restrictions.

This is an interesting step by Wix that offers a solution to every type of person, from beginner to expert web designers.


While considering the e-commerce industry, Wix has to go on way long journey to catch up with some leading eCommerce platforms such as Shopify and especially those who like to self host their website and prefer to use WordPress.

Their introduction of two new products can also be a game-changer, the latest editor Editor X that is specially introduced for professional designers and agencies keeping in mind. The introduction of Velo, a web application development platform can be the big tool that they can play bet on.

On the other hand, considering other hosted Website builders, for example, Shopify and Weebly are not even close to Wix in terms of popularity. However, Wix has to continuously take a close eye on their direct competitor Squarespace.

Let us see, how much iWix’s $100M annual advertising budget and the two latest products be impactful for their increasing Market share.

If you found that we have missed certain more points to mention in this post or would like to add more worthy points to it, please do let us know your valuable opinions in the comment section below:

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Wix market share?

Wix market share is on the internet is about 1.8% whereas the Wix market share in the whole CMS is 2.8%, which you cannot neglect, since the internet has billions of websites. Reaching these figures is itself Wix has achieved to outrank some of other popular CMS/website builders such as Squarespace, Drupal, and Blogger.

What percentage of websites are Wix?

Wix market share is about 2.7% of all Content Management systems on the internet. And is 1.8% of all the websites on the internet are built on Wix.

How many Wix users are there?

There are about 358,600 paid Wix websites are available on the Internet.

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