18 Profitable Website Ideas To Monetize In 2022 And Beyond

Are you searching for the most profitable and trending Website ideas? There are high chances that you are looking to generate a side income other than your primary one. Or on the other hand, making it your primary source of income. Whatever it is, we assure you that, you are at the right place to start your blogging without the most profitable and most trending website ideas.

There are plenty of websites that are available on the internet, some of them are running successfully with higher revenues and some of them being the most profitable niche, still lacking that glitter.

Hence, in this article, we tried to bring you some of the best Website ideas that you must consider and earn a sustainable income. But before that, you need to learn how to set up a website first.

What things you need to bring your Website ideas into an Action?

It is true that whenever someone thinks of starting a website. The first thing that came to anyone’s mind is that, starting a website needs technical and Programming skills to build a website. But it is not like that, as it seems, gone are the days when you need to hire a skilled website developer to build even a simple website.

It has been now changed, and there are has been some software has been released that helps you out to create a fully functional website without any hardcore knowledge of programming. WordPress is one of them, highly popular and flexible CMS, that provides a wide range of features and flexibility to build a variety of websites.

For building a website all you need is:

  1. Web Hosting services: It is the place where your website is hosted on and all your website files are being kept.
  2. Domain Name Register: It is address of your website on the internet.
  3. CMS: This is a platform where you can build your website, such as WordPress, Wix or Drupal.
  4. Premium Themes(Optional): Themes are the structureof your website, that makes it functional and featureful. Although there are free themes available with the CMS, but with certain limitations.
  5. Premium Plugins(Optional): Plugins or Extensions are the tools that enhance your website functionality and add some more features to it.

If you are a beginner who wants to build a website and want a hassle-free and fast experience, WPOven will be the best-Managed Web hosting provider you will have. It is one of the best and widely recognized web hosting companies in the US and provides the best environment for WordPress.

WPOven has dedicated web hosting services for WordPress and also provides Premium WordPress support to their customers. The basic plans at $16.61 per month.

WPOven hosting plans
WPOven Plans & Pricing

To make the process easy and convenient, they automatically install WordPress whenever you buy any plan and you can immediately start working on your Website ideas.

Now let us check out some best Website ideas on which you can start to work and generate some extra income.

What are the benefits of having your own Website?

First thing, you need to understand what exactly you will have when you have your own website for hopping on any website ideas that we are going to list down below. But before that check out these interesting facts of having your own website.

  • Low investment high returns: You dont need man power and also cut out various operating costs.
  • All time access to your online business: Whether it is day or night or any weather , you will have access to your online website or business 24/7 without any restrictions. You dont have any specific working hours and once you are live on the interet it will be always avaible for the public to use.
  • Monetizable: Once you manage to get huge traffic on your website, there are lot of monetization ways can be implemented on your website. Whether it is through affiliate marketing or running google ads.
  • Wider audience base: Once your website is live, it can be easily accesible from anywhere at anytime. Hence, it provide you an oppertunity to get exposure in wider geographical area also increases your audience base.
  • Audience engament: Through website, you can able to directly communicate with your audience, make a community that ultimately help to build a trust with them.
  • Provide user behaviour: With the help of various analytics tools, you can check out a user’s behaviour and make an startegy for marketing campaigns.

Now let us see what different website ideas that you must consider once in a while.

1. Personal Blog

So you want to make an impact on yourself among your viewers and want to let people know about it. Then building personal blogs for personal branding will work great for you. However it is not limited to a specific profession or individual, anyone can do that. But only a certain type of people with friendly nature or easy personality has the potential that turns their ordinary name into a Brand and generates higher revenues from it.

Whether you become an influencer, marketer, a successful author or a speaker. All these professions can get exceptionally benefit from their personal website. For example, Neil Patel, the name itself is widely recognized as Top influencer on the web.

Website ideas: Personal Blog
Website ideas: Personal Blog

He gets recognition for his exceptional skills in Marketing that helped him out to make his name as a brand through his persona blog neilpatel.com.

Personal websites or blogs have now become more than just online journals. You are not just limited to publish articles and share your views and experience. It has now become a supreme tool to increase your audience, build your brand and convert them into potential customers.

It is so simple and easy to start with, all you need to do is to create high-quality content that is especially based on your expertise and publish it on your website. Do some basic SEO, build out your content clusters, and you are done. If the audience will like your content you will surely get escalated quickly and widely recognized.

Hence, you cannot compromise with the quality of the content because “Content is the King“. And it only can help you out to attract and engage your audience. In addition to it, if everything works great, you can also get various opportunities to work on your dream job.

Apart from it, if you are a travel or Food blogger, and your audience finds it interesting and appealing enough. Then it would be a great step if you monetize your blog as well. There are various ways through which you can do this and generate passive income.

You can read our detailed article on How to monetize a blog? which provides you with a complete and comprehensive solution to generate passive income in various ways. Hence, these Website ideas are best for anyone who likes to make himself a brand, and who knows if it will be the path of your success.

2. Company Website

One o the easiest and the basic Website ideas one should always try while setting up your business. Nowadays everything has become digitalized and trying to bring almost everything online. And if you are running a business, it would be great if you have the website of your company as well.

It does not matter, whether your company is small or not into the e-commerce business. But you can definitely boost up your business.

For beginners, it would be a great initiative to create a well-designed website loaded with some basic features and look professional, which will definitely make an impact and increases your company’s credibility. Companies with a website increase the sense of trust and also provides a digital platform for your online customers.

  1. By creating a Company Website, You can create your company’s brand awareness.
  2. Let you increase your wide customer base.
  3. Increases Conversion rates
  4. Easy to promote and advertise your product and offers

There has been a drastic change in online shopping, and people prefer to choose digital platforms rather than offline markets. Hence the need for company websites has been increased before and it has become a great way to generate profits online.

3. Educational and E learning Website

Website ideas: Udemy E-learning Website
E-learning Website ideas: Udemy

It has been found that Educational or E-learning website ideas have been running successfully with exceptional Profits. And it can be even better if you are in the teaching field or excellent in a particular subject.

Since the Right to Education and making it accessible to everyone is one of the fundamental rights for every citizen. So, creating an E-learning website would be the right approach to make a difference and earn some money from it. It is one of the most trending Website ideas successfully running.

To start with, you can go for online classroom programs. With your online courses and study materials, you can easily cover a wide audience at a very low cost. It is a low investment high return program, hence you do not need to spend a huge amount. All it takes is a little manpower, low resources, and very little time to implement.

To make this even easier for you, if you have chosen WordPress CMS, there has been plenty of LMS plugins available that help you out to create an Educational website full of features in less time. For your convenience, you can also check out our review on the 10 Best WordPress LMS plugins, and pick the right one that best matches your requirements.

For your reference, you can check out plenty of top-notch e-learning websites such as Udemy and Coursera that are running successfully.

4. Ecommerce or Online Stores

Ecommerce Website ideas
Website ideas: Online store

According to a leading Business Data platform Statista, It has been anticipated that more than 65% of internet users will choose to buy products online in the year 2021. So, it would be the right time to bring your offline store on the online platform and start selling your products to your online customers.

Ecommerce or Online stores will be the Future for online shopping, where customers from even overseas can easily purchase your products on a tip of their fingertips. In addition to it, you can even choose to start dropshipping business and start earning a high income without worrying about managing warehouses and shipping headaches.

However, it may not be user-friendly for beginners just stepping into the space of online selling, and in such cases, you can consider alternatives.

To start your own e-commerce store all you need to have is a well-designed Website that has all the features for online shopping, i.e multiple payment gateway options, easy to list your products and many more.

Although there has been many Ecommerce or online store platforms are available online that help you out to create a website easily. But we highly recommend you to go for WordPress. It provides you limitless flexibility and scalability that no other platform will be able to provide. In addition to it, their dedicated eCommerce plugin is one of the best e-commerce plugins available that has the potential to create a full-fledge e-commerce online store just like amazon.

5. Website for Affiliate marketing

affiliate marketing website ideas
Website ideas: Affiliate marketing

Affiliate Marketing has become one of the trending website ideas that have the potential to generate high revenues. Although it is usually misunderstood as a bad source of income and many websites have been considered as Affiliate websites.

These marketing programs help a lot to the creators who want to promote their products on different websites and creates a bond between creators and promoters. An Affiliate website usually consists of products listed on a website and with affiliate links embedded in Buy buttons.

To start with you can either create a simple blogging website and write a compelling article that lures audiences to buy products from the affiliate links that you have provided in the post. Another thing you can do is to list products that from a particular niche and make an Affiliate Dropshipping website.

There have been many websites offering dropship affiliate programs, joining them you can easily start selling products and receive an amount of commission from each sale. Alidropship is one of the leading drop shipping companies that offer an alidrop affiliate program that allows earning commission for sales that happened after customers clicked on your unique affiliate links in promo materials you distribute: blog articles, social media posts, emails, videos, etc.

6. Food blog

Cook Website ideas
Website ideas: Food blog

Food websites or blogs are another best website ideas that one can consider. Everyone loves food and why not after all it is the fundamental source of energy for every living being. But it is also not unique, almost everyone knows the basic cooking. Some of them are passionate about it and for others, it is just a part of their daily routine.

No doubt, everyone loves home-cooked food but sometimes, little creativity and experiment with it can take it an edge over the same simple home-cooked food. And this is where Food blogs or websites come to existence. These website ideas are best suitable for foodaholic and even normal audience who is always craving for different recipes online.

Another plus point with food websites are, it provides you with a platform to share your unique recipes from out of your kitchen. And opens up a lot of opportunities to become a cooking expert as well as generating some income by selling out your online cooking courses.

To make these types of websites into existence, there are a lot of WordPress plugins and WordPress Food themes are available, with the help of that you can create a Food website. Even you do not need to worry about its SEO, because the majority of the plugins are SEO friendly.

Another thing you might have noticed is that, at the beginning of every recipe, there is a huge introductory paragraph that is well written. That is all intentionally done to ensure search engine traffic. And when you can pile up huge traffic, you can monetize your Food blog by integrating it with Google Adsense.

To make your Website more appealing in SERPs, use proper schema markup and with the help of some plugins include user reviews and ratings to your food recipes. To boost up user engagement you can also add a community space on your website, where anyone can share their ideas or favourite recipes.

For your reference, you can check out Cookpad a leading Food blog in the US.

7. Travel Tourism website or Blogs

Travel website ideas
Website ideas: Travel website

If you love travelling and a Wanderlust to explore new places all the time. Then starting a Travel Website would be the best website idea for you. Even it is a plus point if you get paid to travel the world, which is everyone’s dream job. It all can be possible and convert these website ideas into reality if you put enough effort into it.

If you are not an introvert, fun-loving, travel a lot, love to post travel pictures and tell a story through it, then all you need to set up a travel blog or website and share your travel experience with others. First, you need to spend your time while travelling, grab stories and pictures to create impactful content and create a whole album of it.

As time passes, you can have your own travel community where you can share journey experiences, Dos and Don’ts, some travel tips and tricks and travel pictures. With streamlined strategy and dedication, you can ultimately be able to convert your Travel website into a financial success.

In addition to it, you can contact and make a deal with Local tourist boards or local businesses to sponsor your trip and offer them to promote their products and offers on your website. Another you can do it so make subscription plans for your regular loyal visitors and ask them to become a paid members for exclusive offers and schemes.

To make a maximum reach to audiences, you can even create social media pages of your website and actively post regular content to attract them to your website and engage with your content.

8. Fitness website

Website ideas: Fitness website
Website ideas: Fitness website

There has been a health consciousness and fitness enthusiasm has been aroused among youngsters especially the new Generation. Hence, you may see similar website ideas have been flourishing over the internet, from selling online fitness courses, hiring online trainers, consulting, or selling fitness diets.

These websites are some of the best platforms from which you can motivate people and encourage them to stay fit. Hence, if you a fitness freak or running a Gym, these types of website ideas can help you out to maximize the audience reach and help people to know about your Gym and its fitness programs.

In addition to it, you can also earn a good income through creating a Fitness website and design various online fitness courses and subscriptions, whether it is a Weight loss program or a Nutrition course.

To promote your website, the best thing you can do is to create attractive workout graphics, Videos and post them on various social media channels, such as Instagram, Youtube and Facebook. These platforms do not require any money, all you need to do is to post regular content and increase your followers.

9. Job website

Website ideas: Job Website
Website ideas: Job website

Jobs and recruiters, these two things can never diminish over time. It has been observed that from past recent years there has been a boom in recruiters worldwide. And it is also an undeniable fact that there has been an immense number of job hunters are there who are always looking for work.

Hence, job search websites have been receiving high traffic day by day. And this type of online recruitment business is one of the best website ideas to flourish. If you are talented enough and able to provide the right jobs for the right people, you can earn a lot from your own Job website.

It is always preferred you chose only those niches for your website on which you are confident enough to deliver fresh and unique content always. Or have expertise in that particular niche. So that it becomes easy for you to earn a good income from it.

No matter, if you are providing a platform for job hunters to get interact with recruiters from any field such as Software, Design or Engineering, there always be a demand for jobs worldwide.

To start with you need to create a simple website, and create a signup form, from where visitors can make an account, provide their essential details and upload their resume. Create a job news section along with the latest job updates sidebar and a regular notification bar on your website.

IT is better to let your users sign up and make a free account first and after that, you can monetize your job website by asking them to subscribe for premium jobs that are only limited for subscribers. Provide them, unlimited job applications per day, let your subscribers check salary data, exclusive job openings etc.

For your reference, you can check out certain popular Job websites, such as Freelancer and Upwork, that will help you to give an idea to implement on your website.

10. Event organizer websites

Website ideas: Event organizer
Website ideas: Event organizer

Events and organizing parties are everyone’s part of life, and if you manage to get the right theme for your WordPress website, it becomes easy to work for you to organize events with a website. These are the clean and simple website ideas that work great if you are able to create a very stunning event website. And the best part is with the help of these websites you can even notify your family or friends about your upcoming events.

Whether you use an event website for your personal use or showcasing your event business online. It is the right platform for managing all details of upcoming events or parties, whether it is a wedding or a Birthday party. Asking them whether they are attending or not, recommending nearby hotels etc.

If you are into the event organizing business, an event website will help you out to promote your shows, selling online tickets, Sponsorships, and also embed affiliate links of the local hotels.

Show your promoting and marketing skills and make a strategy to drive huge traffic to your website and provide them with some promotional offers that help in making conversation. Not only conversation, create a landing page for registration that ultimately helps you to create an email list so that you can invite and run email marketing of future events.

For your reference, you can check out eventmanagerblog, and see how well they have optimized their website for events.

11. Motivational Websites

Website ideas: Motivational website
Website ideas: Motivational website

If you have the expertise and are well experienced in a particular subject, have the zeal to mass communicate, have a better understanding of your audience and can deliver unique content. Then you are the right candidate for Motivational speaker.

Motivational speakers can not only motivate a limited crowd but using online platforms such as website blogs and videos can add an international audience from other countries as well. These have been well-working website ideas for nowadays. And people can earn a great income just preaching and moving others through their unique content.

Hence, many people are moving in to create their own motivational website, so it has become the best website idea for today’s generation.

Career, Life, self-development, and self-healing type of websites work great and offer users a positive vibe and refreshing content that helps them get out from all of their negativity.

Apart from it, Now you might be thinking about how can you monetize your motivational website and earn some income through it. Well, the quality content you deliver will lure your audience to get more and for more exclusive content your can ask them for paid subscriptions.

You can even convert your top view contents into ebooks and sell them on your website. This way you can generate higher revenue without spending much.

Now, when we talk about website design and its style, well it totally depends on you and the type of content you want to deliver. Whether it is Video, long blog posts, Tips and tricks or motivational daily quotes.

For your reference, you can check out the invisible mentor, and see how well they have optimized their website for events.

12. Conference and Seminar Website

Website ideas: Conference Website
Website ideas: Conference website

These types of website ideas may sound not interesting enough and out of the box. But the reality is somewhat quite different, you might have noticed that some high-quality content that has the potential to inspire a lot of people usually comes from these conference and Seminar websites.

You can make a record of the valuable points or inspirational quotes that have been coming out from conferences on your websites. And these websites bring out all the information and quality conversation online. So, to be a successful and great conference and seminar website, it must contain diverse media, with blog posts on trending topics, engaging videos and easy-to-download articles.

This type of website helps you a lot in personal as well as your brand growth and lets you create a wide network. If you are in touch with some interesting people such as motivational speakers or successful personalities, bring them on board to help and contribute their valuable inputs to your website.

Now, the question is how can you monetize your Conference and seminar website? Like another website, you can create monthly or annual membership plans and offer them exclusive and high-quality content. In addition, your conferences or seminars will be not just limited to only websites. Once, you are able to make your website successful, you can then conduct and organize physical conferences and seminars as well.

13.Quiz or online Game websites

Website ideas: Trivia website
Website ideas: Trivia website

A quiz or Trivia website might sound very common or not interesting website ideas, but this type of website stands out from the common crowd and sometimes turned out to be a dark horse. Bring out all the different puzzles and creativity on your website and encourge others to contribute their own creations as well. Websites like I’m a Puzzle and Hearts.land is getting huge traction because of their creative and unique puzzle collections and interactivity.

What about turning your Quiz website into a community where each one of the visitors can contribute their creations and quizzes and ask other users to solve them. With this, you won’t be running out of content ideas every time and you’re well will look diverse.

In addition to it, you can monetize your Quiz website by selling out its space to Google ads and also offer your visitors an ad-free experience along with extra content with a paid subscription.

14. Art and crafts websits

Website ideas: Crafts website
Website ideas: crafts website

If you want people to recognize your creativity, Art and craft on a large scale, then building a website of it is another best website idea that you can work upon. However, people usually underestimate this industry due to its old-school style. But, it has been turned out to be a multi-million worth website in near future. Hence, these types of website ideas you must look upon and provide a stage for your creativity for the entire world.

It can be your DIY projects, paintings, homemade products, decorations or hand-made woollen clothes. It can help many household people to earn money and start their side income. However, another aspect of these types of website ideas is, it is not just limited to just creating your crafts and sell them out on your website. You can even start an online course and teach other people.

In addition to it, with your art and craft website, you can even build up a whole craftsman community and monetize your website in many different ways possible. Such as, selling your website space for google ads, affiliate marketing, and many more.

For your reference, you can check out Etsy, and see how well they have optimized their website for events.

15. Web hosting Reseller

Website ideas: Web hosting resller website
Website ideas: Web hosting reseller website

These types of website ideas might surprise you for a moment, and forced you to think about them for a moment. Whether is it possible or not? Well to your surprise, there are many existing web hosting websites are available that offer reselling of web hosting services.

And WPOven is one of them that allows reselling of Web hosting services to others. You find these type of reselling web hosting websites provides pretty low investment with higher ROIs.

All you what exactly will be doing is simply renting a server space and resell it others, for more details you can check out more details on WPOven client manager portal.

These type of website ideas are best suitable for web or software developers who have a good knowledge of web hosting services and servers. In addition to it, with these websites you can even start your own affiliate program and boost up sales and promote your website on other platforms.

16. Community and Forum Websites

Website ideas: Forum website
Website ideas: Forum website

Who doesn’t like to discuss or talk about any topic with others. Even you have already seen multiple times that people indulge themselves on comments, discussion, arguments or verbal fight on twitter and facebook posts. And at some websites you also have noticed various community and Forums has been especially buid to discuss about your favourite TV shows with the strangers.

These type of website ideas are not uncommon, but the best part is you still be different from rest of the crowd. To strat and build your own Community or Forum website, there are many websites are available on the internet with different shape and sizes. From which you can get an idea to make it your own.

Once you decided and successfully created a forum website based on a particular niche. The members of your community website would love to come again and again on your website and hence, it increases your audience engagement.

In addition to it, if you have initiated discussion or post about any popular TV show or any interesting story. The discussions or conversation will continue to flow on your community page for days to weeks or even months.

On the other hand, if everything goes well, you can even integrate your forum website with your existing one to increase traffic and user engagement on your website. This way you can implement marketing strategy on these community forums to generate income through affiliates.

17. Online Reviews and Opinions Website

Everyone like to see other Reviews and Opinion of others on a particular website. Whether it is about a New movie release or a new smartphone launch. People love to provide their valuable options , no matter if its negative or positive that really help others to make their right decision.

For better understanding you can even relate it with yourself. Whenever you about to buy a new smartphone or looking for WordPress plugin, first thing you do is to check out its public reviews and Opinion on Various Review websites.

Similarly, you can also work on these website ideas, and make it your own. Apart from it, now the main question arises, how can you monetize it?

Well, once you get recognized and your website receives a good response, the companies will approach you and pay you to get their name in the top lists or ask you to review their product. With this, companies will ask you for more reviews and increases their customer base.

18. How to buy websites

Website ideas: Buying guide website
Website ideas: Buying guide website

Anything buying online is not an easy process for anyone. Hence, most of the customers to lookout complete Buying guide online to make their buying process easy and seamless. Especilaly, with lot of buying options available online, make it much difficult for a customer to make their final decision.

At present there are many Buying guide websites are working great in the Us and all over the world, by comparing different products on a single page on various parameters, that help customers to pick up the right product.

To monetize these type of website, you need to have an authoritative voice on which the product shows huge response and become high selling product. Then, you can ask for paid in-depth and complete review, that ultimately boost up their sales.

For your reference, you can check multiple Guide websites available such as Propertyguides in USA.


Side online business are not just meant for only Business graduates or artists. Anyone can do it, unless or until they have a WordPress website and any of these website ideas that we have already mentioned above.

From recent years, it has been observed that, Online educational platforms or courses started to boost up and become hot commodity for now. With the availability of WordPress LMS plugins, it become easy for anyone to build their own E learning website and sell out their knowledge at higher plans.

In addition to it, there are many websites that you can implement a subscription plans or create a membership website after all, even online shoppers prefers to have a subscription plan. There are various even E learning websites come with various subscription ideas such as selling digital courses, ebooks, recipes, Videos or templates to only subscribers or the premium members.

However these membership and e learning website may take a good time and effort to build up, and their maintenance can be even hectic.

Another important thing is that, if you have a successful blog with huge monthly traffic, affiliate blogging can be another side business with high profit can be your option. All these, website ideas and side business are proven strategies to generate high revenue online, and if you manage to make it running successfully, you don’t have to work for others.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which are some cool website ideas?

For cool website ideas, there are limitless options you have. But the main thing you must considering while considering any website ideas is to discover about its Future aspects and current situation. For your convenience here are the list of some cool website ideas you can work on.
1. Fashion Website
2. Personal blog
3. Affiliate website

How can you think of new website ideas?

There are various ways from where you can get new website ideas. Check out this strategy on how can you think of new website ideas in step by step process.
1. Brainstorm high level and Trending topics.
2. Choose the right topic that you are comfortable in or expertise into it.
3. Chekc out their search volume with various tools such as Google keyword planner or any SEO tool.
4. Analyze your competitor around the same niche using various online tools such as MOZ , semrush or Ahrefs.

What are some creative website ideas?

Creative websites mostly covers art and crafts, at where you can showcase your creativity and sell them out to the general public. These website ideas are unique and are quite different from any other websites.
Let us see what are the creative website ideas that you can consider:
1. Fashion Website
2. Art and music Website
3. Graphics and painting website
4. sports website
5. Crafts website

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